This 1950s Sag Harbor Home Was Transformed With an Emphasis on Midcentury Modernism

With interior designer Alvin Wayne at the helm, the residence underwent a year-and-a-half-long renovation and redecoration process, transitioning gracefully into its next phase of life. Alvin’s midcentury-modernist approach injects a sense of warmth and tranquility. The designer adds of his vision: “I wanted to retain the home’s character from the outside, echoing the other ranch-style homes in the neighborhood.” Rather than opting for drastic transformations, he focused on subtle modern touches—such as cedar and black fixtures for the exterior facade—thereby preserving its essence.

Upon walking into the home for the first time, Alvin knew immediately that he had to remove the wall separating the living and dining areas. “That one change made all the difference in opening up the space and giving it a wonderful sense of expansiveness,” he explains. Structurally, few changes have been made to the house (aside from installing a series of sliding glass windows and doors in the dining area). They allow north light to pour in, bouncing off the white walls and gently enhancing the scale and height of the home in the process. The interconnected kitchen, living area, and dining nook back out onto an outdoor dining and lounge area at the backyard’s edge. Alvin preserved the original layout of the kitchen, bedrooms, and bath.

BEFORE: The former living-dining area needed better lighting.

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