Thief breaks BMW X5’s window in Bengaluru and steals Rs 13.75 lakh in broad daylight: Caught on CCTV

In metro cities and other parts of the country, theft is a common issue. Police have installed surveillance cameras in many parts of the city to monitor such crimes; however, these incidents continue to occur. One such incident was recently reported in Bengaluru. Two men on a motorcycle broke into a BMW luxury car that was parked on the roadside in broad daylight. The thieves stole Rs 13.75 lakh in cash from the vehicle. The video of the theft has already surfaced online and has gone viral.

The video has been shared by Indian Express Bengaluru on their Twitter page. The video was recorded on a CCTV camera installed near the location where the car was parked. From the video, it appears that the BMW SUV seen here is the X5 luxury SUV. The car was parked on the roadside with people around it. We can see a small shed in front of the car, but the owner of the car is not visible. It seems that he parked the car there and went for some work. The road is busy with a lot of vehicle movement.

There are people waiting for buses, and the car is parked behind them, so they are not facing the car. We see a man standing on the other side of the car, and another person on a bike is right next to him. The person stands next to the BMW X5 and looks around. When he sees that no one is looking at him, he takes out a tool and breaks the window glass. The window glass shatters, and he immediately breaks the glass with his elbow. Within seconds, he is inside the cabin and he grabs the bag that was lying on the co-passenger seat or probably the glove box.

Thief stealing from BMW

He grabs not one but two bags. The thief immediately jumps onto the bike that is being ridden by his partner. All of this happens in a matter of seconds. No one notices the theft because the thief is careful not to make any noise and grab people’s attention. He knows that if he opens the door after shattering the window glass, the alarm will go off and attract people’s attention. He avoids that by jumping into the cabin via the window only. All of this happens in broad daylight. The bag that the thief has in his hand contains Rs 13.75 lakh in cash.

According to reports, the owner was carrying the cash to register a plot of land. The amount includes Rs 5 lakh in cash that the owner had borrowed from his friend. Such incidents have happened in the past as well. In most cases, the act is carried out by a person who knows that there is cash in the vehicle. In North India, there is a Thak-Thak gang that conducts similar types of robberies in broad daylight. They distract the occupants and steal their belongings from the car. The police have already registered a case under IPC sections 139 and 427.

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