Theragun Sale 2023: Therabody's Stress-Melting Massage Guns Are $200 Off Right Now

Sore and achey fitness fiends, relief is here: We have a Theragun sale! Therabody, the brand behind the ever-popular massage gun Theragun, is marking down its lauded muscle relief products, shaking them down for savings up to $200, because apparently the brand didn’t get the memo that Labor Day is over.

If you don’t know what a Theragun does exactly, here’s a little primer. Each device uses percussive therapy to release tension in your muscles: So, they’re basically like mini jackhammers, helping to break up tight knots in your muscles after a grueling workout or a long day at your desk job. Theragun’s massage guns (or percussive therapy devices) became a huge hit with athletes when they launched a couple years ago. You could easily spot one on the sidelines at an NBA game, and Instagram influencers weren’t shy about posting about their fancy little recovery tools.

Since Therabody released its original Theragun, they’ve expanded with more advanced models and even a mini massage gun for on-the-go recovery. Aside from the Mini, the larger family of Theraguns are currently on their fourth generation, offering some of the most impressive personal massage therapy around. Through some engineering wizardry, the company has also basically solved the noise problem. They now sound more like a vibrating phone, so Brian in 3H will be able to watch The Last of Us in peace. As for the expensive part? Prices have been steadily falling, and thanks to today’s Theragun sale, they’ve never been lower.

When we first asked “Is the Theragun Worth It?” back in 2018, these things were going for $600. Now, those prices are scaled way back, and with the current deal, we can’t find a reason not to buy one. Here’s everything worth shopping during this excellent Theragun sale.

Theragun Deals

Theragun’s entire suite of massagers are discounted up to $200 off, including the compact and travel-friendly Mini, which trades a smidge of power for a palm-sized fit. For the full Theragun experience, we’d recommend zeroing in on the Elite model, our top pick for the best fitness recovery device of all. While it does sacrifice just a tiny bit of adjustability, it’s not enough to worry about. Plus, it has the same power as the Pro model—and you’ll save a cool $ between the two. Trust us: your muscles will thank you.


Therabody Theragun PRO massager


Therabody Theragun Elite massager

Therabody Theragun mini massager

Wave Deals

Imagine your typical foam roller, and then completely scrap that vision. Therabody’s Wave goes above and beyond traditional rollers with a handful of advanced vibration frequencies that help dig into sore muscle groups, softening up tension, while improving mobility and range of motion. Aside from the the OG Wave, Therabody offers the portable Wave Solo and the Wave Duo, apt for rolling out your back, neck, and spine. Plus, the actual wave design is primed for getting the most out of your rolling session.

RecoveryAir Deals

These aren’t the types of boots we usually recommend, but for those whose workouts include leg day every day, then we can’t recommend them enough. The range of RecoveryAir boots use air to improve circulation in your legs, and the various models determine whether you get compatibility with a smartphone app. Expensive? Yes, but if you’re someone who finds joy in running a marathon, this will be a leg-saver.


RecoveryAir System Gen 1 compression system

PowerDot Deals

Stimulate your muscles with neuromuscular electrical stimulation and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation thanks to these new PowerDots. If those terms mean nothing to you, you’re not alone. Basically, electronic pulses stimulate sensory nerves to help temporarily relieve pain and speed up recovery. This used to be the kind of stuff you’d have to go to a specialist to get done, but now you can do it in the comfort of your own home thanks to Therabody.


PowerDot 2.0 Duo muscle stimulator

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