The World’s Most Inconvenient Convenience Store Hangs 393 Feet Off the Side of a Cliff

An inconvenient convenience store sounds like an oxymoron, not a place that actually exists. And yet it does. Or at least that’s what locals are calling a small water and snack shop in China. Dubbed the world’s “most inconvenient” convenience store, the tiny mart is hanging off the side of a cliff—393 feet in the air.

Located on a mountain in the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in Hunan province, the shelter spans only 21.5 square feet, reports CNN. As its nickname suggests, reaching the store is no easy feat: It requires scaling the cliff it hangs off of. The climb is reported to take about 90 minutes; however, once climbers get inside they’re rewarded with a free bottle of water.

Climbers follow a via ferrata route to reach the store.

Photo: Feature China/Future Publishing/Getty Images

The convenience store is located along a 2,624-foot via ferrata route, which is a type of protected rock climbing in which steel anchors, cables, and railings are attached to a mountain face to help adventurers cross difficult terrains. “Considering it’s a store—for people already climbing—where there wouldn’t normally be one, I think it’s actually the most convenient store,” one user commented on a recently posted Youtube Short about the quick mart, which was published by TODAY, a Singapore English-language digital news website.

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