The World’s 19 Scariest-Looking Structures

No one can prove that ghosts actually exist (even though my freshman-year dorm was definitely haunted), but that doesn’t mean certain structures do not appear to have a nefarious look to them and seem to be occupied by non-living entities. What with their zigzag exteriors, sharp-edged windows, and ominously lit interiors, it’s no wonder some buildings appear too eerie to enter. And while some were designed by relative no-names, others, such as the Glasgow Riverside Museum, were created by architects like Zaha Hadid or have lent their chilling appearances to Hollywood films, in the case of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House. These buildings add an imposing and intimidating presence to city skylines from Las Vegas to Bilbao. Below, AD rounds up the 19 most terrifying-looking structures in the world, some of which have been abandoned for years or others that were built more recently and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Enjoy the views of these hauntingly spectacular buildings, but enter at your own risk.

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