The World's 12 Most Unique Airbnbs You Need to Visit

Travel is an opportunity to explore new places, experience new cultures, and make memories that last a lifetime. On many trips your lodging might not be a part of those memories, as much as a means to an end. While it’s preferred to stay somewhere clean and comfortable, you might feel like you’re missing out if you spend more than a few waking hours there each day.

Not so with these Airbnbs. With these listings, the accommodation is the destination. From 10th-century castles in the Catalonian countryside to handmade, whimsical homes in British Columbia, there’s something fit for every itinerary and imagination.

So whether you think your next vacation calls for luxurious stargazing in the American southwest or adventuring through the Azores, take a look at some of the world’s most architecturally—and geographically—unique Airbnbs. And if you’re feeling inspired in the moment, the chance to stay in a place you’ll never want to leave is just a few clicks away.

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