The Very Best Sleeper Sofas, Tested and Reviewed by Our Editors

The best sleeper sofas have many hidden talents. By day, they’re perfect for channel surfing, curling up with a book, and everyday lounging. By night, they can transform into comfortable lodging for family, friends, or weary visitors who’ve stopped by for a sleepover. And while you may not think of them as the sexiest furnishings on the market, we’re here to disagree. In our search for the best sleeper sofas, it should come as no surprise that we had very high expectations—we’re very particular about our sleep, after all. But what exactly do the best sleeper sofas achieve? Let us break down our criteria for you:

What did we look for in our tests?

There are many factors that went into each of our reviews to give you the insight you need to select the best sleeper sofa for your home.

Ordering and customization process: Price points, shallow or deep seats, armrests or armless, down seat and back cushions or foam cushioning, and which upholstery to choose—each of the sofas we tested has possibilities. We also documented the lead times and expected delivery timelines for each model.

Couch delivery and assembly: Curbside or white-glove, fully assembled or DIY. And, if DIY, how many pieces did the sofa arrive in and how difficult was the assembly?

After installation: Here we asked some tough functionality questions of each sofa: Is it practical for a modern home? Is the couch kid- and/or pet-friendly? What are the care and cleaning instructions? And did it look better IRL than in the photos?

Sleep test: The big question we wanted to answer: Just how well can you sleep on a sleeper sofa? We grilled our testers on what it’s actually like to spend multiple nights snoozing on these bad boys. How plush/firm did the pull-out mattress feel? What was the mattress type? Does the couch easily convert into sleeper mode? Is it actually comfortable?

Pro tip: For added comfort, don’t be afraid to throw a mattress topper into the mix. Whether you prefer plush or dream best on hard surfaces we’ve got recs that will make any sleeper rival your own bed.

All this to say, we took our testing process very seriously. So after sending out sleeper sofas from six different retailers to apartments and houses across the northeast, we had our testers go through vigorous trials of sitting, laying, and snoozing—and the results are in. If you’re looking to get the most out of your living room, a stay that overnight guests will actually appreciate, or tired of deflated air mattresses, check out one of our top picks below.

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