The Undone Beauty of Tory Burch's Fall ‘23 Collection

A slightly frayed hem, pilling fabrics, a shirt pinned to stay in place — these are not imperfections to be thrown away, but rather signs of a wardrobe well-loved. And that’s precisely the spirit that Tory Burch brings to its fall/winter 2023 collection: a line of updated closet staples confident in their imperfection.

With slouched hems, pieces tailored to hug and shape curves, pre-scrunched sleeves, and exposed boning and underpinnings, the fall 2023 collection mimics the feeling of pieces that have been in your wardrobe long enough to mold to your body. These aren’t clothes picked off a rack for just anyone, but items that you’ve made undeniably yours.

The collection furthers that worn-in feeling by drawing upon classic pieces from the brand archives: The classic toe ring flat is back but with a new take on the Double T logo. The Marshmallow bag has been draped in quilted satin, mimicking lingerie. Even the most classic of wardrobe staples, the pointed-toe black pump, has been made askew with a heel that appears broken — the sort of look that will make passersby believe these are heels that are simply too beloved to be replaced.

The collection emphasizes that it’s the daily wear-and-tear that brings clothes to life; those are the ones that endure after all, the pieces that we can’t help but hold onto even as the hems start to fray and the fabric starts to warp. A piece of clothing is simply what you make of it.

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