The Sudio S3 Speaker Is a Palm-Sized Party-Starter

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Over the years, we’ve massaged our eardrums with the dulcet tones of countless portable speakers, some of them better than others. Some are too small, prone to getting lost in the mess of our tote bags; some are too large to fit in anything but a duffel; some simply lack the power to broadcast our elite taste in music to the farthest reaches of the park/beach/rooftop.

So when we assure you that the Sudio S3 Speaker—a palm-sized gizmo sleek enough to play nice with the objets on your coffee table—is just right, we mean it. For over a decade now, the Stockholm-based audio whizzes have been churning out speakers beloved by folks who know their dBrs from their PRaTs. The S3 is the brand’s flagship portable model, designed for bringing your tunes on the go, courtesy of a compact, gently-rounded shape that’ll look just as good hanging from your backpack as it will sitting on your countertop. Despite its discreet size, the S3 punches way above its weight; it clocks in at a wee seven ounces, but it’s a powerhouse of crisp audio.

Crucially, it’s also waterproof: It’s backed by an IP67 rating, and can easily handle an accidental dip in the pool or a quick bury in the sand—you can still hit the beach in the fall!—and its seven-hour battery life ensures it won’t go kaput just when the party is getting good. Hell, we like it so much we made it the hero product of the Fall 2023 GQ Box, which crams over $360’s worth of autumn-ready upgrades into a package we charge a mere 59 bucks for. (We’re only blessing you with one S3 in the box, but if you spring for another the broadcast function lets you pair them for amplified sound.)

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