The Real Life Diet of Joey Graziadei, Who Sipped Water During Those ‘Bachelor’ Cocktail Parties

When I was feeling my best, I liked to get in a workout in the middle of the day. Sometimes I’d work out before I would eat because I felt like I still had some energy. Sometimes I try to have a little snack and then eat more after. But a lot of what I try to do is eat when I feel like I’m hungry and I put a lot of energy out there.

Speaking of workouts, sounds like tennis is a pretty core part of your movement routine. What about cross-training?

I was really lucky when I was living in Nashville that I had a roommate who was a personal trainer; he was the first person who got me into actually trying to lift heavy and lifting a lot of weights and doing real weight-lifting. That was short-lived, though. When I’m feeling my best, I’ve been doing workouts that are really bodyweight, rep-orientated, and not too heavy. Just pushups, situps, a little bit of dumbbells—simple stuff that just kept me in a routine.

I try to get my body moving a lot. In Hawaii, surfing was a really good thing for mobility and not only helped me build muscle but really helped with cardio in a different way.

Being in Hawaii, how much were you taking advantage of the outdoors with your activity?

My ideal setup was that I was getting in the water three to five times a week after work, and that would be a way to get a different type of cardio workout in. If the surf was a little bit flat, sometimes I would run after work. My goal was to do some sort of activity outside of work for at least an hour five days a week.

I think the reason why I was in the best shape of my life when I lived in Hawaii is because of how active my lifestyle was. I’m not going to sit here and act like I have something cracked. I was very lucky that I was doing stuff that was fun.

I have to ask, because it’s such a cornerstone of the Bachelor franchise—what’s your approach to drinking and alcohol?

I had fun in college; I’ll be the first to say it. I definitely was in my worst shape in college because I did drink too much. But, living in Hawaii, it’s not as common to be drinking heavily. Like, if I have any beers during the week, it’s because we’re watching the sunset or I’m at a friend’s place and I’m having one or two drinks. I went on stretches in Hawaii, where I don’t know if I actually got to the point of being drunk. It was always just casual, and it never felt like it was too much. And every time that [I did drink a lot], it affected my activity the next day.

The Bachelor is famous for its cocktail parties, though. Did you have a plan of attack in terms of drinking on the show in order to still stay present?

I think it’s finding that perfect in-between, right? I’m a big social guy. I do think alcohol can be a social lubricant and help you feel good in those situations. But I found out pretty early on how much I have to talk on the show, and if I drank too much, it would be very obvious that I drank too much. I also definitely tried to drink water a lot, which was helpful.

Judging from the season’s trailer, you spend a chunk of time without a shirt on. Did you approach eating or working out differently before filming the show, knowing you would be front and center?

I think I was really lucky that coming into it, I was coming from Hawaii. I’ll admit, I wish I had more time throughout the show to get in the gym and maintain—that was the idea during the show, was just maintaining. I was in pretty good shape coming in, but I would’ve loved to have kept the lifestyle that I know is the biggest key for me looking good, but there’s not enough time on the show. There’s too much going on that you can’t keep that lifestyle.

What about other wellness habits?

Sleep’s huge for me. I love sleep. I know it sounds so simple, but it’s important. I don’t like feeling like I don’t get enough—I’m like an eight-hour guy for sure. Maybe even more if I can.

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