The Petlibro Cat Tree: Tested and Reviewed


  • Cat bed not suitable for extra large cats (company specifically does not recommend for Maine Coons and Servals)
  • Lots of plastic
  • Cardboard debris from scratching pad
  • Higher price point compared to similarly sized cat towers
  • Accessories are not replaceable but will be launched for DIY use soon

First impressions

The Infinity Cat Tree comes in three different models, the Castle being the largest, the Villa in the middle, and the Loft the smallest. Each iteration can be purchased separately or in sets since all the parts and pieces are interchangeable. I received all three models, though I primarily tested the Castle, and swapped in a few pieces from the other models for assembly.

The instructions for the cat tree were very simple and easy to follow. I’d even say that once you start putting the various pieces together—the scratching posts screw in, the platforms click in—it instantly becomes very intuitive. Petlibro describes the product as the “Lego of cat trees,” and it really does feel like a similar building process. I put the full Castle together in 30 minutes or so, and over the next few hours and days found myself rearranging different toys and levels depending on how my cats were interacting with the new structure.

I used one of the images from Petlibro’s site as my design inspiration, a square base and four levels, taller on one side. I made slight adjustments, like putting the cat bed on a middle level and a scratching pad on a different level, with my own architectural inspirations.

My experience

To truly understand how the cat tower testing went, one should know what the testers are like. Bobby, a one-and-a-half-year-old black cat, is very playful and loves scratching, climbing, and cozy nooks. Ollie, an eight-year-old tabby, enjoys brief spurts of playing, lots of sleeping, and catnip. I assumed that Bobby would be instantly excited about his new play tower—as he often gets amped about a new toy, but it took a day or two for him to find any interest. I tried very hard not to force the fun, though that didn’t stop me from exclaiming “I got this for you, Bobby!” on a regular basis. In a real shock, Ollie played with the little bell-filled ball dangling from one of the levels quite quickly.

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