The Nisolo Huarache, Our Reigning Rich-Guy Sandal, Is on a Rare Sale

Fall might be around the corner, but if you thought the onset of peak foliage season spelled disaster for the Nisolo huarache—our reigning pick for the best in its category—you’ve got another think coming. Our favorite huaraches give off major “talk to my assistant” vibes, and they look just as good with nubby socks as they do barefoot. When we first slipped them on this summer, we immediately took to their clean-cut design and deceptive functionality, and the multiple Chris Pine cosigns didn’t hurt.

We know what you’re thinking: Is now really an appropriate time to buy a pair of sandals? Fair question—and you bet. See, huaraches are one of those footwear unicorns that manage to keep your feet cool and comfortable while simultaneously protecting you from the fickle whims of Mother Nature. Transitional weather presents its own set of challenges—one, it turns out, Nisolo’s flagship product is uniquely suited to handle.

Their hand-woven leather uppers are handsome, but they’re also waterproof, ensuring your toes—bare or covered—stay nice and dry. Their grippy rubber soles are equipped to keep you from slipping and sliding once the sunny days give way to glummer forecasts. In other words, they’re sandals that aren’t quite sandals, or not just sandals, at least.

We’re not saying you should slip ‘em on before you jump in a puddle, but if you’re struggling to settle on a shoe that can tackle several seasons in a day with panache, look no further. The fact that they’re on a rare sale right now? Consider that all the excuse you need to save yourself some major bucks—and the agony of deciding which shoe to wear when you’re running late again.

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