The J.Crew Sale Is Going Crazy Right Now

We interrupt our exhaustive Prime Day coverage with important news: the J.Crew sale is going crazy right now. The modern prep fixture is currently offering a whopping 30% off a whole grip of new arrivals…PLUS an extra 60% off already-marked-down sale items. If you’re struggling to do the math at home (it’s okay, we had to bust out the calculator), that means the savings can go all the way up to nearly 70% off.

Got a swanky event coming up and just realized your current pants rotation won’t cut it? Finally decided to retire the sweater that’s getting holier by the minute? The J.Crew sale promises sterling replacements by the dozens. To secure the goods for a fraction of what you’d normally—and, if we’re being honest, willingly—pay, all you have to do is use code SALETIME at checkout.

Keep scrolling to peep a few of our favorite picks below, or head on over to the J.Crew site to shop the selection in its entirety.

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