The Huckberry Sale Gives Prime Day a Run for Its Money

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled Prime Day programming to bring you news from a related beat—the Huckberry sale, where the outdoors-minded retailer is slashing prices on a jaw-dropping array of fall menswear. We’re talking sturdy cotton chore jackets, brushed flannel shirts, and denim so primo your sweats just let out an audible moan. A lot of Huckberry’s best-sellers are in the mix here—which includes plenty of perennial GQ favorites, too—from the likes of Wythe, RRL, 3sixteen, and more. A quality bunch, to be sure, made all the better by the fact that their wares are discounted to no-brainer levels.

There’s a mountain of bargains to be had, so we did you a solid and carabinered up there to stake out a bird’s eye view of the deals. Below, we’ve assembled some of our absolute favorites from the Huckberry sale, and we promise to give you first dibs on all of it before we start filling up our own shopping carts. Prime Day, it turns out, never really stood a chance.

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