The Graham & Brown 2024 Color of the Year Has Been Announced—Here Are the Palettes to Pair With It

As for a materials palette, Greenwood says dark-stained woods work well with Viridis, as does Hinoki, a type of Japanese cypress. Conversely, polished concrete creates a provocative juxtaposition between the nature of New Eden and the man-made world.

Available in wallpaper and a mural (shown above), New Eden is named the 2024 Design of the Year.

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One could argue that the earth tones, floral shades, and subtle hints of sparkling gold found in New Eden function as a de facto color palette for Viridis, but Greenwood and Ring see plenty of possible colors that can play nicely with this just-right shade of green. To make Viridis the standout color in a palette, Greenwood suggests “working across a tonal palette from light to dark”—an approach that leaves plenty of room for creativity and interpretation.

For a palette that can turn your home into a garden, Ring proposes working with a trio of Graham & Brown colors that have similar levels of saturation as Viridis. Specifically, Rossini Plum, Birdhouse, and Highland Rose “all feel like colors from the earth, giving the palette a warmth and richness.”

Viridis by Graham & Brown

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If you want to go all-in on green, Greenwood suggests keeping Viridis as a mid-tone flanked by deeper and lighter shades of the color, which could turn any space into an opportunity for some indoor forest bathing. Working in warm taupes like Taupe Twist, rusty oranges like Sweet Potato Pie, or even the auburn red of Alizarin can “keep that organic kind of earthy wholesomeness we love about the narrative and the story.” To inspire a sense of bright springtime renewal, playing around with pastel blues like Breathe and pinks like Aloha or August can give Viridis a light yet exciting application.

Indeed, the color-rich palettes are here to stay. “Gone are the days that our best-selling paint is white or beige,” Greenwood says. “Now it’s the bold. It’s the beautiful. We definitely see that continuing for our brand.”

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