The Flyest Back-to-School Clothes You Can Buy on a Budget

If there’s one thing we remember from our years of hitting the textbooks, it’s that the best back-to-school clothes are not necessarily the most expensive ones. (We wish we could say we internalized more from Econ 101, but we’re drawing a blank here.) Sure, refreshing your closet before the start of the semester is a nice opportunity to overhaul your wardrobe from the ground up, but if you’re a cash-strapped young’un with a couple less zeros than you’d like in your bank account, plugging the gaps is a great place to start. Think of the mandate like a bookish riff on that famous Deion Sanders decree—look good, feel good. Feel good, learn good.

So if you’ve been waiting for this chance to scoop a jazzy knit polo or simply need an excuse to buy the kicks you’ve clocked all over your FYP, now’s your shot. These are the flyest back-to-school clothes you can buy for $150 or less, including an unimpeachable pair of jeans, the collared shirt you’ll wear to every job interview, and the slip-ons guaranteed to transform your quad-to-cafeteria shuffle into a bona fide fashion moment. Good luck out there, bucko: your pals at GQ Recommends believe in you.

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