The Dunn-Edwards 2024 Color of the Year Is…

Since the onset of this turbulent decade—before the Dunn-Edwards 2024 Color of the Year was even a thought—there have been two definitive waves in color trends: An escalated attraction to greens expressed our longing for groundedness and connection to the natural world; and gray became passé to the point that warmer, richer colors were a more than welcome escape from the tedium of yesteryear’s neutrals.

The desires that underpinned those shifting aesthetic preferences are still valid, but Dunn-Edwards sees another sea change happening. Our homes no longer need to feel like a shelter from the outside world, but a place we return to in order to recharge before heading back out into the fray.

With that in mind, the paint company selects Skipping Stones, a calming, oceanic hue that finds added depth from undertones of green and gray, as the Dunn-Edwards 2024 Color of the Year. The end result is not a tsunami of blue but a color that uses the energy of its aquatic inspiration towards reflective ends. “Skipping Stones represents a perfect bridge between warm and cool,” says Deming Carpenter, color expert at Dunn-Edwards. “It feels both nostalgic and futuristic, which captures the mood and tone of the year to come.”

The blue hue envelops a bedroom when applied in an all-over extent.

Image courtesy Dunn-Edwards

Fittingly for a color that suggests presence, calm, and peace, there is no shortage of smart ways to invite Skipping Stones into the home. Using the color on four walls and a ceiling can turn a bathroom or bedroom into an immersive sanctuary, but even just an accent wall can conjure a meditative moment. Carpenter proposes Skipping Stones as a point of contrast to warm or white tones, as well as lighter woods. Even a front door in Skipping Stones can articulate the boundary between a hectic exterior world and your personal oasis.

Unafraid of adding a dash of color in the kitchen, designer Leah Alexander of Beauty Is Abundant also sees Skipping Stones as a suitable candidate for cabinets. “This color would be stunning on all kitchen cabinets with a dark, moody, swirly countertop that’s also used as the backsplash material,” she tells PRO. “It’s a nice combo of approachable and edge.”

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