The Best Square Watch 2023: 13 Angular Tickers That Are Equal Parts Cool and Classic

The best square watch isn’t designed to stand up to the crushing depths of the ocean or the g-forces of a fighter jet cockpit, but that’s not a bad thing. Because a great square ticker—and its rectangular relatives—more than makes up for its lack of burly bona fides with a blend of stylish freakiness and old-school gravitas that’s the perfect accompaniment to big fall fits.

When we talk about rectangular watches, we’re usually talking about the grand-daddy of them all, the inimitable Cartier Tank. Designed in 1917 and worn by 20th-century style icons from Andy Warhol to Princess Diana, the Tank is that rare watch that looks just as good with jeans and tees as a swaggering, razor-sharp tux.

Despite its pedigree, the Tank isn’t the only great square watch out there (or, frankly, the most affordable one) so we’ve lined up a bunch of equally stylish and versatile options that you can bring home without draining your savings. None of them are made for timing laps at Daytona or buzzing the tower, Maverick-style, but they’ll look stellar on pretty much any other occasion you find to wear them.

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