The Best, Rarest, Most Covetable Watches on Instagram, Ranked

Great story behind this watch: Seiko introduced a program called Le Vent to promote female designers, according to @dens.watchvault. Japanese model and actress Sayoko Yamaguchi designed this moon-shaped watch, which I need in my collection yesterday. I just set an eBay alert for it—no one else buy one if it pops up. Or else.

8. @markchodotcom’s just-for-him Cartier Baignoire Bangle

The Baignoire Bangle Cartier released this year is a great watch—one of the best of 2023–in a vacuum. But what I really love here is the way Mark styled the watch: hidden underneath his suit jacket and turned upside down so it looks like just a bracelet until the moment he opts for a big reveal.

I got excited last week when I saw the Baignoire pop up on a bunch of dudes’ Instagrams, like Mark’s, Eric Ku’s, and Cameron Ross Steiner’s. However, I’m sad to report this is not a thing…yet. While Ku praised the watch as one of Cartier’s best designs of the year, he said the bangle was a gift for his wife. Even Cho, who bought one in both rose and yellow gold with plans to wear them together, relayed that it just didn’t look good. “It actually doesn’t look right on a man worn as a normal watch with the face up either,” he wrote to me. “It only works for me as a bracelet with the watch face under your wrist.”

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