The Best Prime Day Deals 2023: 24 Early Buys Worth Adding to Your Cart Immediately

Amazon’s big Prime Day encore doesn’t kick off until mid-October, but as far as we’re concerned, the best Prime Day deals 2023 has to offer are already here. Which is really good or really bad news, depending on how you made out during the last go-around. If you missed out on the savings over the first Amazon Prime Day 2023 earlier this summer, it’s your lucky day—now’s your best shot yet to seize the opportunity once again. And if you spent more than you anticipated? Well, you’re still in luck: There’s a slew of new deals ready and waiting to woo your dollars away from your wallet.

For some ill-conceived reason, Amazon insists on calling its Prime Day redux “Prime Big Deal Days,” and it’s set to land on October 11 and 12, catalyzing a litany of discounts across a wide array of goodies. We’re talking best-in-class menswear staples, cutting-edge gadgetry, apartment-elevating furniture, and, we’re assured, so much more.

Which is where we come in. Every time we get wind of another Amazon-related event in the pipeline, we spend a sleepless night or two unearthing the best Prime Day Deals as curated by a hyper-discerning GQ Editor—our very favorite picks from the Everything Store’s (bi-)annual deals extravaganza, delivered straight to the top of your inbox.

This time is no different. Except, well, it kind of is. Because as Prime Day has metastasized into an event zealous deal-hunters treat like an actual holiday, it’s become increasingly difficult to separate the “eh, no thanks” from the “holy shit, you need to buy this”. You know that hyper-discerning taste we were talking about before? This is exactly the type of situation that demands it.

The Best Prime Day Deals 2023, by Category

If you’re a grizzled Amazon Prime Day veteran, you know we’re not the only operation touting our curatorial bona fides. Lists like these are a dime a dozen. We can’t promise quite the same degree of depth as some of our counterparts. (The downside of discerning taste, after all, is a certain degree of finickiness.) What we can promise, though, is that every deal on this list has been carefully, deliberately hand-picked by us—and not just because it’s on sale. We’ve scrutinized thousands of products in an effort to make good on that promise. You’ll find something on sale at the Site That Bezos Built worth considering—and if you dig GQ’s perspective on all things style and grooming, chances are you’ll dig the selection here, too.

Oh, and if you’re a Prime Day newbie utterly bewildered by the whole rigmarole—and thoroughly nonplussed by our long-winded spiel—don’t fret: we put together a dedicated explainer to help you make sense of it all.

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