The Best Men's V-Neck Sweater Has Serious Heartthrob Energy

The best men’s V-neck sweater reminds us that sometimes, in our journey to find something new, we stray too far from what’s right in front of us. For a minute the humble V-neck sweater, fairly or not, had been pushed to the back of the collective menswear closet, rejected for living in the uncanny valley between nostalgic and dated. But now that we’re going full Shandler-Core— reclaiming ’90s-era relaxed-fit jeans, oversized blazers, and meshed-to-death running sneakers—it’s time to wake up to the V-neck’s undeniable strengths. It helps that we’ve got more options to choose from than our (actual) forefathers ever had in the days of dial-up.

The Best V-Neck Sweaters Shopping Guide

What hasn’t changed is the V-neck’s obvious forte: a gently plunging neckline that offers unrivaled layerability—especially compared to its crewneck counterparts. A collared shirt gets cozier and nicely framed without a crewneck choking it into a two-part turtleneck. A clean white tee under a tastefully minimal V-neck is all you need to evoke the lopsided-smile charm of a ’90s rom-com love interest or look quietly debonair at a work lunch. The V-shape lets your clavicles shine, too, making you look a little broader, and stand a little prouder.

Plus! In 2023 the men’s V-neck sweater is a canvas for all kinds of wonderfully wacked-out patterns, tactile fabrics, and explosive color combos. A simple V-neck in cashmere is an essential—but don’t let that stop you from having some fun. Below you’ll find 17 of our favorite V-necked knits, just waiting for you to give ’em a second chance.

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