The Best Men's Shorts on Sale Right Now

Bad news: It’s still hot. Good news: There are plenty of men’s shorts on sale at this very moment to help you breeze through the rest of summer without breaking a sweat. With all of the insane end-of-season (HA!) events going down right now, sale sections are packed to the digital rafters with all kinds of shorts discounted to the max. So if you’ve somehow held out this long without nabbing the perfect pair—despite all the great shorts-related content we’ve been sending your way—your patience has paid off, because it’s never been easier to find a killer version at a huge discount. Sweat shorts? We’ve got ‘em. Outdoors-y nylon numbers? Yep, those too. Jorts? Absolutely! Here are 19 thighly approved men’s shorts on sale, curated by a stylish gang of otherwise pants-wearing GQ staffers.

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