The Best Biological Crop Protection Resource You May Not Know About

One of the best resources for biological pest management is, for now, virtually unknown in the U.S. A website managed by an inter-governmental non-profit organization packs a trove of biocontrol education, research, and treatment recommendations, all for free. is a website managed by CAB International (better known as CABI), a non-profit created in 1910. CABI is governed by a UN treaty-level agreement between 49 member countries. The site launched in the U.S. in February 2023.

Ulrich Kuhlmann, Executive Director, Global Operations for CABI, says the idea for the site was to increase awareness of biological products.

“We decided we needed to develop a digital decision-support tool and make it available for free to all in the world,” Kuhlmann says. “That was the starting point of this journey.”

Learn more insights from Kuhlmann, including how often the site is updated and how to best use the site (including walk-through videos), in the new Biological Crop Protection report produced by Greenhouse Grower publisher Meister Media Worldwide. The report takes a look at the ways in which the ag industry leverages the power of nature to protect plants in a more sustainable, targeted, and environmentally friendly way.

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Find the full report here, and read past reports here.

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