The Best Back Shavers Go Where No Other Groomer Can

We’re not going to lie: the best back shaver for you might require some trial-and-error. We all have different manscaping preferences, and those of us who are seasoned enough already have a go-to body grooming device, too. But many of those terrific tools still struggle to navigate the biggest, broadest blindspot of them all: Your back (and below). That’s where the best back shavers come in handy, thanks to their innovative designs. They make things quick, easy, and painless, too.

Of course, all of this is assuming that back shaving is your preferred means of back hair removal. It’s not the only option! If you’re curious about a longer-term fix, look into a depilatory cream (which should keep you hairless for a few weeks or so), waxing (for a month or more), or even laser removal (expensive and laborious, but you get forever smoothness). Even still, anyone who waxes or uses a cream will probably want a back shaver on standby for emergency trimming sessions.

Below are our picks for the best back shavers for men. Let’s get smooth.

The Best Men’s Back Hair Shavers, At a Glance

Best Electric Back Shaver for Men: Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver, $80
Best Manual Back Shaver for Men: BakBlade 2.0 Back Shaver, $60
Best Men’s Body Hair Trimmer for Back Shaving: Panasonic Body Groomer ER-GK80-S, $110
Best Men’s Body Hair Shaver for Back Shaving: Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 5000, $45
Best Men’s Cartridge Razor for Back Shaving: Gillette Intimate Manscape Cartridge Razor, $22

What to Consider in a Back Hair Shaver

Just like shaving your face, you’ve got to pick a back shaver team: Razor or electric? You have terrific options for both.

Manual (razor) back shavers: Like the best facial razors, back razors shave your hairs slightly below the surface of skin, meaning you get a baby-smooth finish that should last all weekend. You also get all of a blade’s potential downsides: razor burn, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. The risk is worth the dolphin-esque reward if you have particularly thick hair that grows fast. Stay on top of your razor hygiene and swap the blades out after 2-3 weeks of use or after 6-8 shaves (whichever comes first). If you choose a manual razor for your back, be sure to shave it the day or night ahead of any sun exposure so it gets a moment to heal before getting cooked at the beach. (Reminder: SPF is your friend.)

Electric back shavers: Most electric back shavers resemble body trimmers or foil shavers because of the ergonomics involved, though rotary shavers work just fine if you can manage the contortions. Like the best electric shavers for your face, battery-powered back shavers will shave slightly above the surface of the skin. That means that you might feel the stubble after the first day (though visually, you should look hairless for a few days to a week). If you need an emergency beach day shave, an electric shaver will be faster and prevent double damage to your skin. In our humble opinion, it’s worth having an electric back shaver on back-up duty even if you prefer a razor.

Best Electric Back-Only Shaver for Men: Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver


Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

Why We Love It: I’m a busy man. I like to shave my back quickly. Mangroomer makes haste in all the right ways. Typically, I only use the dual trimming-shaving head, which mows and shaves hair in one fell stroke for super-smooth skin—though the wider trimming-only head clears out the thatch faster. With it, I can go from fuzzy to smooth looking in 20 seconds flat—and with the shower running, too. While other electric back shavers on this list are more versatile for full-body landscaping, the Mangroomer is easily the best dedicated electric back shaver.

Best Manual Back-Only Shaver for Men: BaKblade 2.0 Elite Back Shaver

Why We Love It: Yes, it looks like some kind of ancient torture device, with wide-set blades mounted on a nearly two-foot-long handle. My first time out I wondered if it would really hit every spot, with no irritation or redness, in the wet or dry. And yet every time I use the BaKblade, I get the same smooth results, no matter how long I’ve let my hair grow out. I’ve become a BaKblade evangelist—my texts are riddled with friends bragging about no longer having to ask their partner or roommate for help. The BaKblade does go through razors fast, since it uses three (sigh, proprietary) blades at once, and only includes three when you purchase. I suggest bundling in an extra dozen blade replacements, which should get you six months or so of smoothness.

Best Men’s Body Hair Trimmer for Back Shaving: Panasonic Body Groomer ER-GK80-S

Panasonic ER-GK80-S cordless body groomer

Why We Love It: This little tool isn’t technically a shaver, so it won’t give you slip-and-slide skin, but it will cut your hair close enough that you’ll look smooth to everyone else. It’s won gold in our best body groomers list for a few years running, for two key reasons. First, Panasonic always delivers serious power and performance. Second, because its vertical trimming head makes snipping hairs—even from behind your back and over your shoulder—ridiculously easy, skating over hairy skin without any friction or agony. (It does require the slightest flexibility to hit the centermost part of your back, but it’s a trick you’ll master after the first few uses.) I use the bare blade, no guards, and sometimes I get a slight red streak that disappears within a couple hours.

Best Men’s Body Hair Shaver for Back Shaving: Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 5000

Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 5000

Why We Love It: This shaver brings dual-action efficiency to the worst back thatches, with each hair getting chopped down by the trimming teeth, then mowed over by the foil head shaver, all with the help of a clip-in extendable handle. Though it’s billed as a full-body groomer, I find that the Norelco’s trimming options (like the Panasonic’s above) are too limited for most chest and pubic hair upkeep—but besides my back, I’ll use it to clean up my shoulder hair and tighten up my beard’s neckline in the same session.

Best Men’s Cartridge Razor for Back Shaving: Gillette Intimate Manscape Cartridge Razor

Why We Love It: If you’re committed to shaving your back with the same cartridge-style razor as your cheeks (dealer’s choice on that one), at least use Gillette’s Manscape Razor. It’s built for your fragile, awkwardly shaped junk, which is why I trust it to navigate the blindspots on my back. (I like to apply the same thinking to my skincare and shaving: When in doubt, buy the product that’s built for the sensitive stuff.) While the Gillette doesn’t let me reach every square inch of my back like I can with the electric and expandable options, it’s a terrific solution for battling wooly collar creep: shoulder-level shaves and upper-back cleanups. Be sure to stock up on some extra cartridges, too.

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