The 50 Cheapest, Best-Looking Home Upgrades On Amazon

It’s never a bad time to update the decor and practical items in your home, especially if the new upgrades are aesthetically pleasing and unexpectedly inexpensive. While you may not buy all of your home items on Amazon, you might be surprised by all the fresh, modern, and designer-inspired products on offer — all for shockingly low prices.

Everything here is, of course, stylish (I wouldn’t steer you wrong in that department), but they’re also useful. From chic motion sensor night lights to luxury bamboo bed sheets to ambience-improving hanging solar lanterns, scroll on to discover the 50 affordable items you shouldn’t have to live without.


This Elegant Motion Sensor Night Light That Can Be Mounted Anywhere

Whether you place this portable motion sensor night light on your nightstand or mount it to your fridge or in your closet, it provides a smart lighting solution. It turns on when it senses motion within 13 feet — and it conveniently turns off after 15 seconds if no movement is detected. The best part is that installation is as easy as using the included 3M adhesive base and magnetic pairing inside the lamp body. Choose from two wood hues for the accent.


These Pretty Dispensers That Pump The Perfect Amount Of Coffee Syrup

Sure, these coffee syrup dispensers might seem like a luxury that isn’t fully necessary, but if they’ll bring a little joy to your morning coffee routine, you deserve them. The premium glass bottles come with preprinted labels that include two blank ones for customizing. One shopper raved, “These dispensers have an expensive feel and look. Added so much class to my countertop and blended perfectly with the current decor and items on the counter.”


This Lazy Susan With A Near-Perfect Rating

With a 4.7-star rating after more than 2,500 reviews, you know this lazy Susan turntable is a worthy home upgrade. It rotates 360 degrees and at only 9 inches, it’s won’t take up much room on your kitchen counter, but it’s also small enough to fit inside a cabinet. It comes with two clear turntables that can help bring order to your spices, condiments, bathroom items, and more.


This Couch Cushion Support For Saggy Seats

If you have saggy couch seats, try this cushion support to bring new life to your sofa. It comes in four sizes to fit most couches, and it used strong wood covered in Oxford cloth that can replace broken or worn plywood in your existing couch. Fans rave about how it brought their couch “back to life.”


This Magnetic Remote Control Holder So It’s Always Right There

Make it easier to keep track of your TV’s remote with this magnetic remote control holder. It features two powerful, adhesive-backed magnets — one that you place on the remote and one on the wall-mounted holder. The holder is designed to fit almost any remote, too. As one shopper reported, “I now want to mount every single remote I own.”


These Vintage-Style, Decorative Light Bulbs

Not only will this four-pack of incandescent light bulbs supply warm light to your living space, the bulbs have a decorative look that add a vintage vibe. The bulbs are available in a four- or six-pack, with dimmable and non-dimmable options.


These Classy Window Curtain Tiebacks

These European-style window curtain tiebacks feature a strong magnet to keep the curtains in place. Instead of installing a hook to your wall, these clips magnetize together and provide an elegant look. Choose from nine different colors, including black, bronze, green, and more.


These Bamboo Drawer Dividers That Fit In Any Standard Drawer

These bamboo dividers work great in any kitchen drawer to separate utensils and kitchen gadgets, but they also can be popped into dresser drawers to help organize clothes and accessories. The dividers simply slide inside your drawer and can expand from 17.5 inches to 22 inches for a custom fit.


This Cute Magnetic Key Holder That Sticks To Your Wall

This adorable cloud magnetic key holder is a fun way to keep track of your keys. An adhesive attaches it to the wall, and a strong magnet holds your keys in place. One shopper noted of its weight-bearing capacity, “I have multiple keys, my car fob and an airtag on the same key ring and the magnet it strong enough to hold it.”


This Soap Dispenser With An Attached Sponge Holder

Washing dishes is about to get a lot easier with this all-in-one soap dispenser and sponge holder. The dispenser — which can hold 13 fluid ounces of soap — releases the liquid soap directly into the sponge tray when you press down, automatically giving you just the right amount of soap with a single pump.


This Handy Lid Organizer For Food Containers

As it turns out, organizing food container lids doesn’t have to be super annoying; all you need is this food container lid organizer. Customizable dividers let you configure different spaces that work with your lids to keep them upright and accessible. One shopper noted, “This item has solved my problem of unsorted, chaotic lid storage. I honestly wish I’d known to buy it years ago. It’s a gamechanger!”


These Rug Grippers That Keep The Corners Down

If the corners of your rugs are in a constant state of curling, try these popular rug grippers to keep them in place. With nearly 10,000 five-star ratings, these V-shape grippers get the job done. They feature strong adhesive to keep rugs flat even with frequent foot traffic.


This Best-Selling Shelf To Hold Your Bedtime Essentials

Whether you want this bedside shelf to hold your charging devices, water, snacks, or all of the above, it’s hard not to appreciate its convenience. The shelf can hold up to 35 pounds, and it easily attaches to your bed with a clamp.


These Bathroom Apothecary Jars For Tidy Counters

This set of two 10-ounce apothecary jars is the perfect way to hold Q-tips, cotton balls, bath salts, hair ties, and more. The set comes with both preprinted and blank labels. Made of clear plastic, the jars have lids to keep the dust out, too. Feel like stocking up? They also come in three- and four-packs.


This Luxe Marble Mortar & Pestle Set

If you’ve been wanting to buy a mortar and pestle but have been waiting for the right one, this marble mortar and pestle set is it. Not only it is inexpensive at under $16 (both the small and medium sizes), but it’s made of white and gray marble for a gorgeous modern look.


This Dry Goods Dispenser That Comes With A Measuring Cup

Large enough to hold 25 pounds of rice, this convenient, one-touch dispenser and measuring container isn’t messing around. It doesn’t just hold rice, however; it can also dispense cereal, nuts, flour, beans, pet food, and more.


This Easily Refillable Olive Oil Dispenser Set

If you love your EVOO, this olive oil dispenser set will make pouring (and refilling) so much more enjoyable. It includes two bottles with a 17-ounce capacity each, four airtight and leakproof pouring spouts, a funnel, stoppers, caps, and labels. You can opt for amber brown or green bottles, or you can go with clear bottles with measurements.


This Lidded Egg Holder With Room For 21 Eggs

Keep your eggs from unintentionally cracking with this plastic egg holder. A built-in front handle makes it easy to pull them out of the fridge, and a stackable lid offers security. If your family goes through a lot of eggs, you can also spring for a two- or six-pack.


This Minimalist Paper Towel Holder With A Cult Following

This highly rated stainless steel paper towel holder can be mounted to a wall or under a cabinet so it’s out of the way, but still fully reachable. It comes in seven colors — from gold to matte black — so chances are high that you’ll find one to match your kitchen’s decor. You can stick it on the wall with the sturdy adhesive or use the included screws — either way, installation is easy.


These Shower Curtain Hooks With Over 59,000 5-Star Ratings

These easy-glide shower curtain hooks have amassed more than 59,000 perfect ratings to date — and people love them for good reason. The dual-hook design lets you hang both a liner and a decorative curtain, and they actually stay connected to the curtain. Twelve hooks come in the set and they’re offered in nine colors.


These Wireless Lights That Easily Stick Under Cabinets

Add the perfect ambient lighting to any space with these wireless LED under-cabinet lights. You have two options to turn them on: manually tap the lens or use one of the two remote controls that also let you adjust brightness. They can be mounted using either the included adhesive tape or screws. The batteries last for about 100 hours before needing to be replaced.


This Collapsible Dish Drying Rack That Comes In Several Sizes

Place this dish drying rack over your sink when there are dishes to dry, and roll it up when you need to access the sink. Now that’s a space-saving solution to embrace. The rack can support up to 33 pounds and is available in six size options.


This Bubble Shower Curtain That Comes With Hooks

Bring some personality into your bathroom with this cool bubble shower curtain liner. It’s made of thick EVA material, which means it’s durable and easy to clean, and it comes with 12 hooks and grommets for hanging right out of the box. Plus, the magnets on the bottom hold things in place. Choose from six colors.


This Shower Door Seal To Keep The Water In

If water leaks under your shower door, try this shower door bottom seal with a universal fit. A hard PVC material grips the glass and a soft PVC creates the barrier on the shower floor.


This Fan-Fave Quick-Drying Foam Bath Mat

With thousands of five-star ratings, you can rest assured your feet will be very happy with this cozy memory foam bath mat. A soft microfiber layer absorbs water quickly, and it’s available in 21 colors and nine sizes so you’re sure to find the right match for your space.


This Mountable Shower Caddy Pack For A Spa Look

Whether you want to use all five pieces of this shower caddy pack in one shower or split them between two, you’ll be happy you did. Made with rustproof stainless steel material, the caddies are durable with a high capacity to hold all your shower essentials. To make things easy, they stick to the wall via a strong adhesive.


An Over-The-Door Towel Rack For Extra Convenience

If you don’t have a hook for your towel in arm’s reach of your shower, check out this over-the-door towel rack. It features three bars and can rest over a standard bathroom door or shower wall with no drilling required. As one shopper confirmed, “The towel rack was a nice addition to my new glass shower. It was easy to install and didn’t require any tools.”


This Sleek In-Drawer Knife Block For Freeing Up Your Counters

This bamboo in-drawer knife block protects your knives while keeping them out of sight. It offers a safe space in a drawer to keep the knives organized while keeping the edges secure and free of dust. The block can hold up to 16 knives and one sharpener.


This Popular Cushioned Mat For Comfy Standing

This cushioned anti-fatigue mat can make a big difference on your joints and muscles when you’re standing in the kitchen (or at your desk) for long periods of time. Slanted edges and an anti-slip grip on the bottom ensure that no one will trip over it. The mat comes in seven colors and six sizes.


This Must-Have Desk Mat For Your Office Space

Protect your office desk from scratches with this waterproof desk mat in a faux leather finish. It’s designed to hold a laptop, keyboard, mouse, and a few other office space essentials, and doubles as a mouse pad. The mat is available in 14 colors and four sizes.


This Sleek Reading Light That You Can Stick Anywhere

This battery-powered LED reading light provides helpful lighting anywhere you need it. It can be mounted to a wall via the included strong magnets and adhesive or simply set on a night stand. It can be rotated 360 degrees according to your needs, and the light brightness and color is adjustable. One shopper raved, “Love the 3 different light color options, the way you can move the light, and it’s very sleek. Very easy to install.”


These Customizable Non-Slip Furniture Gripper Pads

Protect your wood floors by customizing these non-slip furniture gripper pads to fit underneath tables, chairs, and any other piece of furniture that might scratch. The cushy, dual-sided rubber and felt set is offered as a four-, eight-, or 12-pack that can be cut to fit your needs.


This LED Backlight To Level Up Your TV Viewing

Create a mood behind your TV with this LED colored backlight. A wireless remote allows you to mange the 15 color and 10 brightness offerings, for the perfect lighting for your viewing setup. The string light is available in three sizes to accommodate TVs from 30 inches (Large) to 80 inches (XX-Large).


These Durable Straps That’ll Keep Your Hose & Cords Organized

Free up space in your garage by using this six-pack of heavy-duty straps. The hook-and-loop straps don’t just keep hoses and cords in check, they also allow them to be hung on a a hook on a wall thanks to the attached grommet. Use them to organize your shed, garage, cleaning closet, basement, and more.


These Soft Bamboo Bed Sheets That Resist Stains

These luxurious bed sheets are here to help you get the good night’s sleep you need. The stain- and wrinkle-resistant set comes with sheets and two pillow cases in a bamboo-microfiber blend that fans call “soft and comfortable.”


These Blackout Curtains That Come In Basically Every Color & Size

Trick your kids into thinking the sun as already gone down with these room-darkening curtains. Available in 23 colors, there’s a good chance you’ll find the right color to match your home’s decor. You also have a choice of 20 sizes in one or two panels.


A Super-Soft Throw For An Extra Layer Of Warmth

Somehow, this incredibly cozy lightweight throw blanket is only $10. It also comes in twin, queen, king, and oversized king sizes to fit any bed, plus it’s available in a whopping 43 colors.


This Set Of Fluffy Pillows To Fill Your Decorative Covers

This set of two pillow inserts is exactly what you need when you find the right decorative pillow case for a couch or bed. They come in four sizes, and even though they’re fluffy, they hold their shape.


This Hotel-Quality Bed Skirt That’ll Upgrade Your Bedroom

This pleated bed skirt won’t just add a new look to your bedroom, it’ll also hide everything under your bed from view thanks to the 14-inch drop. The hotel-quality bed skirt comes in sizes from twin to California king and in 12 color options.


This Hanging Closet Organizer With Ample Storage Space

Not only does this hanging closet organizer offer nine shelves, it has several drawers for storing smaller items like belts, scarves, and socks, as well as mesh pockets on the outside for accessories like headbands, umbrellas, and even toiletries. Choose from four colors and three shelf sizes.


These Spacious Under-Bed Storage Bags

These under-bed storage bags offer a place to keep your off-season clothes out of the way. Strong handles make it easy to pull the bags in and out, and dual zippers let you open the bag from both sides.


These Wildly Popular Velvet Hangers

These nonslip velvet hangers are so popular — I’m talking 177,000+ ratings — because clothes stay on and they’re so slim, they actually add more space to your closet. The luxe-looking hangers are available in 10 colors in packs of 30, 50, or 100. One shopper called them a “wardrobe game-changer.”


This Chic Jewelry Box With So Much Storage

This chic jewelry box with a glass lid and soft velvet lining can hold rings, necklaces, bracelets, valuables, costume jewelry, and more. Choose from a three- or four-layer box in nine color options.


These Decorative Floating Shelves That’ll Look Great In Any Room

These rustic floating shelves won’t just add style to any room, they’ll also give you a place to display sentimental, decorative, and even essential items. With a weight capacity of 17.5 pounds per shelf, they’re sturdy and easy to install. The set comes with three shelves in various sizes (small, medium, and large) and is offered in nine colors.


This Genius Magnetic Screen Door To Keep The Bugs Out

No need to buy a full blown screen door to keep the bugs and critters out of your home when you can purchase this inexpensive magnetic screen door. The screen comes in three sizes and is kid- and pet- friendly.


This Best-Selling Patio Umbrella Light

With more than 31,000 perfect ratings, it’s easy to see why this handy light is worth its under $20 price tag. Simply attach this cordless patio umbrella light to your existing umbrella to add dimmable, ambient lighting to your outdoor space. It’s also ideal for camping as it runs on batteries, though you’ll need to supply the four AAs required.


This Wall-Mounted Tool Organizer That’ll Clear Up Garage Space

Garage space is coveted, so you’ll appreciate this broom holder and garden tool organizer. Each of the 11 storage spots can hold up to 35 pounds. As a bonus, the organizer is also great for storing baseball bats, hockey sticks, and other sports equipment, according to several satisfied shoppers.


These Vintage-Style Hanging Solar Lights

This two-pack of hanging solar lights provide warm light to any outdoor space. Whether you hang them on a tree or on hooks under a pergola, the lanterns make the space feel a little more magical. Plus, they are waterproof and powered by the sun.


This Expandable Garden Hose That Takes Up Very Little Space

There’s a lot to love about this 100-foot expandable garden hose that weighs just 4 pounds. Not only is it easy to maneuver, it expands when filled with water, so when it isn’t being used, it shrinks down to a convenient storable size.


This Grill Cover That’ll Keep Your BBQ Looking Like New

If you take pride in your grill (or if a very specific person in your family takes pride in the grill), do yourself a favor and check out this premium BBQ grill cover. The weatherproof cover fully protects the grill from dust, debris, and weather. It’s available in three colors and eight sizes.

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