The 38 Most Haunted Places in the World

What makes a location among the most haunted places in the world? If you believe in ghosts, then you likely believe that every old building hides a secret or two. Sure, one can explain a creaking floorboard or flickering light in a 19th century mansion. But what if there’s more to it then just that? Whether it’s the pair of brides who took their lives in the same room decades apart to the headless apparition of a famous royal, some of the world’s scariest locales can take your breath away for reasons that have nothing to do with architecture, or faulty light switches. From a Victorian jailhouse to an Arkansan hotel that supposedly opens a portal to the spirit world, this collection of haunted restaurants, homes, hotels, jails, ghost towns, and even ocean liners, provides a tour of 38 spooky spots around the world that visitors never want to leave (potentially even after death).

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