The 11 Best Vacuums on Amazon of 2023 Will Clean House (Yours)

What Amazon reviewers say: Amazon reviewers agree with GQ’s own V15 Detect review, praising its ability to clean up every type of mess. In particular, shoppers agree it’s the best vacuum for pet hair. Users are also obsessed with the innovative dust-illuminating laser, which gamifies the cleaning process.

What about the new Dyson Gen5 vacuums? Wow, Dyson stan alert. We haven’t included the new Dyson Gen5detect and Gen5outsize vacuums—which the brand says have the most powerful suction of any cordless stick vacs—because as of publication, they’re only available on Amazon from third-party sellers we don’t have the experience with to recommend buying from. But based on Dyson’s reputation, we won’t blame you if you choose the Dyson Gen5detect over the V15 Detect.

The Best Budget Stick Vacuum: Shark IX141 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum


IX141 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum with XL Dust Cup

Don’t worry, we’re not only recommending $700 stick vacs. The best stick vacuums on Amazon suit a variety of budgets. Case-in-point, the reasonably priced and reasonably powerful Shark IX141 Pet. As a brand, Shark’s done a bang-up job producing vacuums that get close to matching the features (if not the, uh, cool factor?) of brands like Dyson at a third the price. Where Dyson’s latest models have lasers to detect dust particles, this Shark vac has LED headlights to accomplish the same, and that really tells you everything you need to know about the differences between these vacuums. Designed with pet owners in mind, this vacuum also comes with plenty of accessories for deep cleaning.

What Amazon reviewers say: Dyson may have plenty of loyal fans, but Amazon reviewers are equally passionate about Shark vacuum cleaners, which “literally last forever.” While we can’t condone such flippant use of the word “literally,” we agree with Amazon shoppers who say this is the best alternative to Dyson stick vacuums. Keep in mind that while Shark describes the dust bin as extra-large, reviewers disagree.

The Best Robot Vacuums on Amazon

The Best Robot Vacuum Overall: Roborock S8+ Robot Vacuum and Mop

The S8 is Roborock’s new line of hybrid robot vacuums and mops, and after testing out the top-tier S8+, we’re convinced its one of the best hybrid robot vacuum and mop combos, period. The S8+ is self-emptying (though not self-cleaning, so you’ll have to wash the mop pads), and it’s an impressive and sleek cleaner. The station isn’t completely hideous (faint praise that’s also rare in this category), nor is it excessively noisy. This hybrid also does a thorough job of cleaning up carpets and area rugs, even if they’re covered in hair. It’s better than the average hybrid thanks to sonic mopping, which basically jiggles the scrub pad at insanely high speeds, though a more intense mode would be nice at the four-figure price.

What Amazon reviewers say: So far, Roborock’s new hybrid has impressed shoppers (including GQ’s own product reviewers) with its battery life and mopping abilities, and the smart features make it almost feel like a live-in maid. Roborock’s app is also especially user-friendly, shoppers report.

The Best Affordable Mopping Hybrid: Shark AI Ultra 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop


Matrix Plus 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum & Mop

You want high praise? We included this dual-mode robo vacuum in our 2023 GQ Home Awards, and our siblings at WIRED gave it an 8/10, shouting out it’s intuitive app, savvy mapping, and surprisingly good mopping ability. (It actually wiggles to scrub!)

GQ included this under-appreciated robot vacuum in the 2023 GQ Home Awards, where we praised its ability to “mop as efficiently as it vacuums.” Should that be a given in the hybrid robot vacuum market, you ask? Yes. But it’s not—at least, not yet. Other robot vacuum brands should take note: the best Shark robot vacuum has an intensive spot-cleaning mode that goes above and beyond to polish your floors. Fair warning: in testing we have encountered annoying glitches in the Shark app, and you do have to remove the mopping attachment manually when you’re ready to vacuum (which is par for the course at this price). Available with and without an automatic self-emptying dock, this robot vacuum leaves other hybrids in the dust—pun very much intended, obviously.

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