The 10 Best Head Shavers for Bald Heads in 2023

Why we like this one: Philips Norelco’s shavers dominate the rotary field, particularly for facial shaving, and its latest device offers the closest shave yet. In our experience, it’s on par with—or better than—anything foil shavers can provide, since it’s able to trim scalp hair right down to skin level. If you want one shaver for your entire head, chin to scalp, the “Prestige” is your pick. It’s expensive, sure, but it’s also shaving two birds with one stone.

The Best Foil Shaver: Bevel

Why choose a foil shaver: Foil shavers will trim the hair closer to the skin than a rotary shaver—to the point that it almost feels razor-blade smooth. But you’ll work a little harder to get there, since foil shavers aren’t as agile, especially when it comes to the compound curvatures of your brainpan. (Pro tip: get someone you live with to review your work.)

Why we like this one: Bevel came out of nowhere a decade ago, the brain child of Tristan Walker, a Black founder who wanted to offer Black men a better grooming experience. Now Bevel’s a force in the market because it keeps turning out some of the best products in the game…for anyone. The brand’s foil shaver feels as high-end and high-design as every other piece of Bevel hardware, plus it’s got some key upgrades over the competition: it’s 100% waterproof, works for both your head and your face, and only needs a five-minute charge from dead to get in a shave.

The Best Grooming-Style Shaver: Braun


“Series 9” 13-in-1 Multitasking Grooming Device

Why choose a multi-tasking groomer: For plenty of guys, an extremely close trim —on their head, face, or farther south, is as good as a real shave. So why fill your bathroom cabinet with hardware if you can take care of almost all your body hair, including your bald head, with the right versatile shaver? Just don’t skimp: the more money you invest in a multi-tasker, the better results and longevity you’ll get.

Why we like this one: For the minimalist who wants one tool for the whole body, we introduce to you Braun’s Series 9 multigrooming wunderkind. While it does have a precision shaving head, that’s more for spot-checking stray beard stubble. Instead, it’s the fine-pitch trimmer that will get your head’s hair down to half a millimeter, which is as tight as you’ll get without a razor. For plenty of guys, that’s their preference in the first place, leaning into Jason Statham swarthiness (and avoiding both the hassle of a bladed shave or the skin irritation it can cause).

The Best Razor Blade Shaver: HeadBlade


“Moto” Skull-Shaving Razor

Why choose an ergonomic manual shaver: If you’re going to put a tiny knife to your head, we think it’s worth using one that’s been built specifically for the task—if only to make your life easier and your scalp cut-free. These devices look like alien tech, but they fit nicely into the palm of your hand, letting you get a more consistently smooth shave than other manual styles.

Why we like this one: Nobody holds a candle to HeadBlade in the ergonomic manual razor field. A little rollerball allows it to glide across your head and “lean” into turns (like a motorcycle, hence the name), letting the blades pivot easily across your dome’s curves and contours. It’s the best razor Either of HeadBlade’s four- or six-blade cartridges works, though when it comes to shaving sensitive scalp skin, less is more—we’d suggest choosing the 4-blade pack.

The Best Cartridge Razor: Gillette


Fusion ProGlide Cartridge Razor kit (includes 4 cartridges)

Why choose a cartridge razor: If you’ve been living by the cartridge razor ever since your first peach fuzz showed up, there’s some understandable comfort in using a tool you’re familiar with to tackle your head, too. To be honest, it’s not all that hard to master the behind-the-back taut-skinned shave, either, if you’ve got the right razor.

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