Tesla Cyber Auto Rickshaw, Made-In-India! (Video)

The Tesla Cybertruck, unveiled by Elon Musk, is viewed as an intriguing design that garnered admiration from many while striking others as peculiar. Already, a few imitations of the Tesla Cybertruck have been observed. However, here in India, someone has replicated the design and applied it to an electric autorickshaw.

The autorickshaw, created by the Indian Hacker team, showcases remarkable creativity. To begin with, they disassembled an electric autorickshaw and used its chassis as the foundation for their new Tesla Cybertruck-inspired design. They extended the existing chassis using various metal components. The cabin was rendered in black, with glass panels arranged in a pyramid formation atop the chassis. Subsequently, a heavily tinted black film was applied to the structure.

The entire structure can be lifted to access the driver’s seat, and two levers are used to control the vehicle. To operate it, both levers must be manipulated to control the speed of the wheels. The vehicle moves in the direction of the slower-moving wheels, employing the same principle that tanks use to turn and maneuver.

The tinted glass ensures a 360-degree panoramic view of the surroundings. However, because the structure is entirely composed of glass, it significantly enhances the greenhouse effect, and due to the lack of air circulation, the cabin tends to become quite hot.

There is no available information regarding the vehicle’s range or charging time. It is designed for a single occupant to operate at a time. While the design may have drawn heavy inspiration from the Tesla Cybertruck, there are no substantial similarities between the two vehicles. In fact, the Tesla Cybertruck has yet to be released to the public and remains a prototype.

Illegal to do such modifications

It should be noted that such modifications are not legal unless approved by the RTO (Regional Transport Office). In fact, structural changes pose extreme dangers, and the vehicle must pass tests conducted by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) to reestablish its roadworthiness. We are uncertain whether the police requested the vehicle’s documents, but we can assure you that in many other regions of India, heavily modified vehicles like this one would be seized promptly. Nevertheless, we do acknowledge the thought and skill that went into creating this vehicle. However, one should always exercise caution when dealing with heavily modified vehicles, particularly those with structural alterations. Such vehicles have weaker structures that can easily give way.

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