Terra Nova Nurseries Names Companion Plants for Select 2024 Colors of the Year

Lithodora Crystal Blue (Terra Nova Nurseries)

Lithodora ‘Crystal Blue’ (Terra Nova Nurseries)

Terra Nova Nurseries has announced a list of 25 companion plants corresponding with several popular colors of the year announced for 2024. The company’s selection of varieties showcases a range of hues and tones that complement the vibrancy and tranquility of the trending colors for the upcoming year.

Terra Nova’s breeding and marketing teams created their “Terra Nova Colors of the Year” plant list to correspond with five of the most popular color predictors in North America, comprising top paint brands that conduct color studies or focus groups each year. These included HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams’ Persimmon, C2’s Thermal, Behr’s Cracked Pepper, Glidden’s Limitless, and Dutch Boy’s Ironside.

The Terra Nova varieties were selected for one or more of the following color traits: Flower or bloom color, foliage color, colors accented in leaf textures, and overall hues and tones.

“The colors announced for 2024 showcase the balance of moody and uplifting color trends we’ve seen since the pandemic,” says Chuck Pavlich, Director of New Product Development with Terra Nova Nurseries. “Terra Nova’s color-coordinated plant list embraces these corresponding and contrasting tones to provide further opportunities for applying and enjoying them in landscape, garden, and patio settings.”

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  • HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams’ Persimmon exudes energetic, lively and rejuvenating feelings with its red-orange color and pastel-like undertones. Persimmon’s terracotta and peach hues pair well with Terra Nova’s Heuchera ‘Northern Exposure Amber’, which displays the same earthy, yet cheerful tones in the variety’s textural foliage.
  • C2’s Thermal is a pale- yet punchy-baby blue, reminiscent of the vast sky. This water- and air-inspired shade evokes the same restoring and calming feelings as Terra Nova’s Lithodora ‘Crystal Blue’ and Brunnera ‘Alexandria’, both boasting bright, baby blue flowers.
  • Cracked Pepper by Behr is best described as a moody, sophisticated soft black. Similar deep charcoal hues are showcased in Terra Nova’s Actaea ‘Black Negligee’, Heuchera ‘Little Cuties Coco’, Heuchera ‘Black Forest Cake’, Heuchera ‘Grande Black’, and Heuchera ‘Black Beauty’. Each of these varieties delivers the same rich, relaxing, and ebony tones as Cracked Pepper.
  • The fresh and warm hues of Glidden’s Limitless allow this honey-beige color to be extremely versatile. Echinacea ‘Cara Mia Sands’ by Terra Nova is a suitable companion plant with its cheery yet soothing neutral tones.
  • Dutch Boy’s Ironside is a lovely dark and ink-like shade of black with green, earthy undertones that deliver a one-of-a-kind tonal quality. The deep olive color pairs well with Terra Nova’s Begonia ‘Silver Lace’, evoking a mysterious, yet sophisticated aura.

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