Ten Thousand Sale 2024: Save up to 70% on Workout Gear

We squatted, we ran, we lifted, and we burpeed. That’s how we confirmed Ten Thousand is one of the best athletic brands around, and why this Ten Thousand sale is getting us more fired-up than a three-hour sweat sesh at a barely air-conditioned Planet Fitness. For the uninitiated, Ten Thousand is one of the most beloved workout apparel brands out there, known for its commitment to pumping out the greatest tops, bottoms (especially its Interval shorts), and post-workout gear that won’t get in the way of your hitting a new personal best. Its fabrics are some of the lightest and breathable in the business—no sweat stains or smells here—and the silhouettes help you get a fit off even when you’re red-faced mid-chest press.

For all that high-quality substance, you’ll figure out quick that Ten Thousand isn’t the cheapest workout brand around, which is why its rare surplus sale is one of the savviest ways to bulk up on its most popular styles and colorways while they’re up to 70% off. Sizing is pretty spotty, and you’ll find steeper discounts if you’re looking at sizes that start with an “X,” but there are some pretty excellent deals throughout nonetheless. Here, we did all the heavy lifting for you and found the best goodies to shop at this rare Ten Thousand sale.

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