Taylor Swift "Loved" Jason Kelce’s Shirtless Hijinx at Bills Game

By now, everyone on the planet knows the Kelce brothers — Jason and Travis Kelce — and everyone also knows that they are pretty much the most wholesome, funny, and likable men on the planet.

Jason — center for the Philidelphia Eagles (we think?) — and Travis — the star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs — chat weekly on their Wave Sports+ Entertainment podcast, New Heights.

The two NFL stars talk football, family, and whatever hilarious random subject comes into their minds. The podcast truly took off after Travis mentioned his desire to make some friendship bracelets for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour show he was attending at Arrowhead Stadium. We all know how that turned out!

On their newest episode of New Heights, the boys caught up after the Kansas City Chiefs won against the Buffalo Bills, which helped the AFC West team advance to a sixth straight AFC championship game. Jason was in attendance along with Travis’ girlfriend, a little-known singer by the name of Taylor Swift.

One of the more viral moments of that AFC playoff game (for once!) had nothing to do with Swift and how many times she was shown on camera. Instead, Jason took center stage in a hilarious viral moment that people are still talking about – his shirtless escapades outside of the Kelce suite.

After Travis scored a touchdown, Jason took off his shirt, slammed a beer, jumped out of his suite, and began to scream with joy at his brother’s achievement. Hundreds of Bills and Chiefs fans caught the moment on video, launching Jason into a viral meme.

What you would think was a spontaneous moment for Jason was actually premeditated according to the Eagles center. He chatted more about the moment on the podcast while Travis questioned his thinking through bouts of laughter at his older brother’s hijinx. The two also dished on what their respective significant others were thinking during Jason’s viral moment.

“There was not enough cameras on the suite where you could see Kylie though. I wanted to see her reaction to all of this so bad,” Travis said.

“Yeah. I don’t think she was happy about it to be honest with you,” Jason replied.

In several videos of Jason’s shirtless moment, Kylie can be seen in the back of the suite, sitting with a small smirk as the rest of the room went wild over the antics.

“I’m not gonna lie. I gave Kylie a heads up. The moment we got into the suite, I said, ‘I’m taking my shirt off and I’m jumping out of that suite,’” Jason revealed to Travis. “She said, ‘Jason. Don’t you dare.’”

“And she was already telling me to be on my best behavior because we were meeting Taylor.”

Travis replied, “Well, Tay says she absolutely loved you.”

Okay question, how do I become a member of the Kelce family? I’ll take an uncle or a second cousin at this point just as long as I can make it to Thanksgiving dinner.

This endearing moment between brothers is just another example of this family’s likeability and relatable nature. Jason’s moment of exuberance resonated with many, and while yes, Travis is more the conventionally attractive of the two brothers. There is just something about Jason, right?

“Look, Travis is hot, but who else is in their Jason Kelce era?” TikTok creator Kristi said in a now-viral video.

“Because he is chef’s kiss, like the complete package. And I don’t know about you, but I just cannot get enough of him. Like, that is my type, to a tee. Where are the Jason Kelce of the world?”

One woman stitched Kristi’s video with her answer and said, “They’re married, sorry, a lot of us saw that coming and locked that s**t down early.”

“But if you wanna know what they’re up to right now, this second, they’re probably ice fishing, smoking some form of meat, rearranging the garage, all of which include drinking beer, similar to how Jason Kelce did, and most of the time, that does end up being shirtless.”

She continued, “When they’re not doing that, they’re doing things like saying ‘Pokeman’, instead of Pokemon, just for the sure fact that they know it pisses their kids off. And they say things like, ‘Look at your mom’s GYAT’, because they know their teenagers think it’s cringey.”

There is something about Jason Kelce’s confidence and sureness in himself that also makes him so attractive. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s just a man of the people, tailgating with Bills mafia and drinking out of bowling balls. Don’t even get me started on the moment he lifted up that little girl so she could wave to Taylor from the stands. The Kelce men are just good men.

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