Tata Safari Dark Edition gets cosmetic upgrades: Looks more elegant [Video]

When it comes to car modifications, sometimes it is not necessary for an enthusiast to spend lakhs of Rupees on performance or aesthetic modifications to make their vehicle unique. A lot of times, that distinctiveness can be achieved with just some minor mods. Recently, a prime example of such subtle modifications completely changing the appearance of a vehicle has been shared online. In this particular video, a Tata Safari Dark Edition was subtly modified with some paint and other changes to make it look even more menacing than it already was.

Tata Safari Dark Edition Modifications

The video of these simple modifications done on a Tata Safari Dark Edition has been shared on YouTube by ETU Studio on their channel. It starts off with the owner of the shop introducing the Safari Dark Edition, which had come to their shop for the application of paint protection film and some other minor aesthetic mods. The video shows the shop owner observing the car after it came to their shop with the owner of the car.

During the initial observation, the owner of the shop finds that there were some minor dents on the vehicle. He then explained to the owner that they will be removing those dents and repainting the panels. After this, he adds they will be painting all of the matte plastic parts like the lower front and rear bumpers along with side claddings in high gloss black. He states that doing this will tie the whole car into one color and will enhance the Dark Edition appearance.

Painting Process

Tata Safari Dark Edition gets cosmetic upgrades: Looks more elegant [Video]

Next up in the video, the presenter shows the vehicle in the paint booth. He adds that they will also be painting the alloy wheels of the car in high gloss black. From the factory, Tata Motors offered the pre-facelift Dark Edition Safari with gunmetal grey-colored alloy wheels. The presenter also mentioned that despite the vehicle not being too old, the red factory-painted calipers were chipped, and paint was peeling off, so they will be painting them in red color as well.

Polishing and PPF

Finally, after all of the painting process was completed, the car went into the detailing shop. The presenter added that the car was then fully polished with polishing compound and rotary polisher machines by their expert technicians. In the video, it can be noted that the car gets a mirror-like polish. After this process, the application of paint protection film starts on the car.

Tata Safari Dark Edition gets cosmetic upgrades: Looks more elegant [Video]

The technicians start cutting the PPF to the size of each individual panel and apply them using a solution. They remove all the bubbles and finish off the process. For those unaware, paint protection films are transparent plastic films applied to painted panels of vehicles to protect them from rock chips and other damaging elements like bird droppings and hard water stains.

Owner’s Reaction

Lastly, after all the processes were completed, the finished Tata Safari Dark Edition was shown to its owner. And soon after seeing the vehicle in person, the owner stated that the results have come better than he anticipated. He added that painting the matte plastic parts in high gloss black and repainting the calipers in red with gloss black alloy wheels has completely changed the look of the vehicle.

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