Tata Safari Ad remains one of India’s coolest car ads 13 years after it was released [Video]

When it comes to SUVs in the Indian automotive market, the name Tata Safari is one that immediately springs to everyone’s mind. The reason for this is that before all of these compact and sub-compact SUVs came to the market, it was one of the only few true SUVs available in the country. Recently, we stumbled upon an old yet amazing television commercial of this iconic Indian SUV, and we thought we should definitely share it with you. The old TVC shows the iconic SUV, showing what a true blood SUV looks like and what it can perform like.

The classic television commercial of the legendary Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 has been shared on YouTube by Rdpadfilms on their channel. It starts off with a person standing in one place where a ton of people can be seen passing in front of him. Then the person states that he always wanted to quit on Monday mornings. After him, another person sitting in an office board meeting says that he always wanted to chase the rain.

Following them, another man with corporate attire standing with his surfboard says that he always wanted to swim with the whales. After this, a pregnant woman is shown with her husband who states that she always wanted to take a one-year trip around the world. Lastly, another person is shown sitting on a bench who just says that he always wanted to, and then stops midway. Soon after this, the text in the video says, “reclaim your life.”

The video then shows a Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 jumping out in front of the screen. The legendary SUV is also shown performing an impeccable drift and splashing a ton of mud in the empty land filled with dirt and water. Lastly, the video shows the old but still remembered Tata Safari Dicor logos. The entire TVC was created as a means to share the message that the Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 is something that should inspire people to take control of their lives and leave mundane jobs that they don’t feel like doing.

Safari Dicor 2.2

Tata Safari Ad remains one of India’s coolest car ads 13 years after it was released [Video]

The SUV in the video, as mentioned, is the Tata Safari Dicor 2.2. This true-blood SUV was launched by Tata Motors back in 2007. The new at the time Tata Safari DICOR was powered by a 2.2-litre turbocharged diesel engine with a common rail direct injection system. This engine was smaller than the 3.0-litre DICOR but produced more power at 140 Bhp and 320 Nm.

The Safari DICOR became quite popular and came with features like ABS and twin airbags too. Tata offered the car in both rear-wheel drive option and 4X4 drive option. The engine was reliable and powered the Safari for the next ten years in the market before the SUV was discontinued from the market.

Safari Storme

Tata Safari Ad remains one of India’s coolest car ads 13 years after it was released [Video]

The company, after the Dicor model, introduced the Safari Storme in India in 2012. The Safari Storme was unveiled at the 11th Auto Expo in India, and it looked quite different from the regular Safari. In 2015, Tata started offering the 2.2-litre VARICOR 400 engine with the Safari Storme that produces a massive 156 Bhp and 400 Nm of peak torque. The Dicor model was then discontinued in 2017, and the Safari Storme was phased out by the company in 2019.

New Safari

Tata Safari Ad remains one of India’s coolest car ads 13 years after it was released [Video]

Currently, the company sells the new Tata Safari, which gets a monocoque chassis as opposed to the ladder on frame chassis of all previous models. It comes powered by a 2.0-litre Kryotec BS6 Ph2 turbocharged diesel engine which produces a maximum of 168 bhp of power and 350 Nm of torque.

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