Tata Nexon Crashes Into Truck: Owner Thanks SUV For Saving Her Life [Video]

Over the last few years, car buyers in India have understood the importance of buying safer cars. However, if someone is still on the fence and is thinking, “Are these safer cars worth it?” then here’s a video addressing this concern. Recently, a video has been shared online which shows how a Tata Nexon managed to save the lives of two people after getting involved in a high-speed crash. The five-star safety rated Nexon withstood a horrifying accident, and the owner of the car shared her experience with the car.

Tata Nexon high-speed crash with truck

The video explaining and showing what happened in this high-speed accident involving a Tata Nexon and a truck has been shared on YouTube by Nikhil Rana on their channel. The creator of the video mentions that this accident was reported to him by the owner of this particular Tata Nexon sub-compact SUV. He states that the owner mentioned that the accident took place near Mathura on the Yamuna Expressway at around 5 AM in the morning. She emphasized that the Tata Nexon saved her and her co-passengers’ lives.

How did the crash happen?

The presenter of the video mentions that there is no video of how the accident actually happened as there was no dashcam in the car. However, he states that the owner of the car described the accident. She reported that early in the morning, their Nexon crashed into the rear of a truck at a high speed. It is believed that the truck could have made an abrupt stop, causing the Nexon driver to crash. However, nothing can be said with complete certainty. The only fortunate thing about this accident is that no one got hurt.

What happened afterward?

Tata Nexon crash aftermath

Following the accident, the Nexon was being prepared to be towed away from the spot of the accident to the dealership. The presenter mentions that the video showing the aftermath of the accident has been created by the brother of the driver. It can be noted that the entire front end has become mangled up. This includes the destruction of the front grille, headlights, bumper, radiator, and other cooling system parts as well. The rear of the car and the cabin were intact despite the dangerous impact.

Why is it important to opt for safer cars?

Nexon crash test
Nexon crash test

As mentioned a million times before, every car buyer in the country should look for safer cars, and there are a few crucial reasons behind this. First and the most important reason to opt for safer cars is that these high safety-rated cars significantly reduce the risk of injury or fatality in the event of an accident. Modern safety features such as airbags, electronic stability control, and advanced driver assistance systems also help reduce the impact of collisions and help prevent accidents altogether.

2023 Tata Nexon facelift safety

Additionally, choosing safer cars can lead to long-term cost savings. While safer vehicles may come with a higher upfront cost, they can potentially save money in the long run by reducing medical expenses, insurance premiums, and repair costs associated with accidents. Safer cars can be seen as investments as individuals who buy them prioritize not only their own safety but also the safety of their passengers and others on the road. Lastly, safer cars often undergo rigorous testing and meet stringent safety standards set by regulatory authorities. And this, in turn, provides assurance of their reliability and performance in various crash scenarios.

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