Tata Nexon at 108 Kmph narrowly misses hitting man on a highway [Video]

Driving an automobile on the roads of India is not like eating a piece of cake. It requires skill, awareness, and a lot of luck. Yes, although luck should not be a factor in a safe country where people are mindful during the usage of public roads, in India, it is an essential thing. A prime example of these requirements while driving on Indian roads was demonstrated in a video shared online. In this particular video, the driver of the car, with the combination of all three attributes, managed to avoid an accident that could have resulted in severe injury to a mindless person.

The near-miss incident at 108 kmph

Recently, dashcam footage of a near-miss road accident has come courtesy of Nikhil Rana on YouTube. The video uploaded to their channel showcases that, with sheer luck and a lot of skill and awareness, a near-death and severe injury road accident was avoided by the driver. What happens in the video, as narrated by the creator, is that a person was driving his Tata Nexon sub-compact SUV on a national highway. The driver was driving the SUV in the range of 100+ km/h on a four-lane highway.

Now, what happens in the video is that the highway is seen with a moderate amount of traffic. Some trucks and a few cars, all driving at decent speeds, can be noticed in the dashcam footage. A little further in the video, it was then noted that a person with something he was carrying with his hands on top of his head was crossing the road. This person, according to the video, was crossing the four-lane highway without even looking to the right or the left direction.

What happens next is that, with some extreme amount of luck and skill, the driver of the Tata Nexon steers the car towards the right side of the person. It was noted that he closely avoids fully hitting the careless person and even avoids hitting the divider. Afterward, the footage from the rear side of the car is shown, and in this video, it was noted that the thing the person was carrying on the road was the only thing that fell due to a small bump, most likely from the left mirror. Thankfully, nobody was severely hurt in this video.

What could have gone wrong?

Now, as mentioned a few times before, this was a lucky escape for all the parties involved in this incident. First off, the idiot who was crossing the road was saved because had the driver tried to stop the car at 108 km/h, he would have definitely hit the person on the road. Thankfully, this person was only hit by the mirror due to the instant reflex and quick move of the driver.

Next up, another thing that could have gone wrong but did not was that the car did not collide with the divider. The margin left between the car, the person, and the divider was very small. Had the car hit the divider at the speed of 108 km/h, it could have gone flying and caused a huge accident, risking the lives of the driver and the passengers of the vehicle. Thankfully, that was not the case, and everyone came out safe.

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