Tata Motors to launch electric Harrier before petrol variant: Fresh details emerge

Tata Motors has recently been making headlines owing to the launch of the new Harrier and Safari facelifts. The company recently announced the pricing for both SUVs, but along with that, it has announced another important thing. It has recently been reported that the company, which is working on the development of the Harrier EV – the electrified iteration of the mid-size SUV, might be coming before the petrol-powered Harrier. No exact dates have been revealed as of yet for any of the two models.

Harrier EV before Harrier Petrol

According to Autocar India, Tata Motors managing director Shailesh Chandra revealed a few important keynotes about the launch of the Harrier EV and Harrier petrol. Chandra stated that earlier this year at the 2023 Auto Expo they showcased the 1.5-litre TGDi petrol engine, and they are planning to bring it. He added that, however, it will take a bit more time to arrive. Chandra stated that it is most likely a year or more before this motor finds its place underneath the bonnet of the Harrier.

During further discussions, Chandra emphasized the fact that the company understands the importance of a petrol power plant in the lineup. He stated that volumes of the petrol-powered vehicles are going up, and it’s important that they offer one in their lineup for Harrier and Safari. However, he added that the development of this petrol motor is proving to be a challenge. On the brighter side, he stated that once fully developed, this petrol motor will be making its way under the bonnets of the petrol-powered Curvv and Sierra SUVs, along with the Harrier and Safari duo.

Tata Harrier Petrol

Tata Motors to launch electric Harrier before petrol variant: Fresh details emerge

As mentioned above, the Harrier will be getting the 1.5-litre TGDi turbo petrol engine showcased by the company at the 2023 Auto Expo. According to the company, this four-cylinder turbo engine will be able to generate a maximum power of 170 bhp at 5,000 rpm. It will also be able to generate a maximum torque output of 280 Nm between 2,000-3,500 rpm.

This petrol engine, which is currently under development, will feature dual cam phasing, a variant oil pump, and an integrated exhaust manifold in the cylinder head. It will have an aluminium design to boost efficiency and economy. This motor will also get a water-cooled variable geometry turbocharger, which will increase the engine’s torque at lower revs for better acceleration. The new motor’s redesigned valve trains and timing chains will also result in minimal ownership costs. Both manual and automatic gearboxes will be offered for the Harrier petrol variant.

Tata Harrier EV

Tata Motors to launch electric Harrier before petrol variant: Fresh details emerge

Tata Motors is also working on the development of the new Harrier EV, and it has already showcased how it could look, coming in the near future. The exterior will feature a closed-off grille and other aesthetic changes to help differentiate it from its ICE sibling. In terms of powertrain, Tata Motors has confirmed that the electric SUV will be equipped with a dual electric motor setup, enabling an all-wheel drive configuration.

According to reports, this particular configuration will not only provide enhanced performance but also improve the SUV’s handling and stability on various terrains. Now, while the exact specifications of the Harrier EV have not been revealed yet, it is expected to deliver a real-world range of around 400-500 km, making it suitable for long drives and everyday commuting. Additionally, some reports have stated that it could come equipped with a 60 kWh battery pack.

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