Tata Harrier painted in Bentley’s Viridian Green looks stunning [Video]

Buying a new car is a dream of many, and an even bigger dream of people is to buy their favorite car in their choice of favorite color. However, this does not become possible because car manufacturers can only offer a range of a few colors due to mass production. So, what alternative people find is to drive their vehicles for a few years in the factory color and then repaint it to give it a refreshed look with their favorite color. Most recently, a Tata Harrier owner did exactly this and got his mid-size SUV painted in a shade of British luxury carmaker Bentley’s green color.

The video of this transformation of the Tata Harrier with a brand-new paint job has been shared on YouTube by Brotomotiv on their channel. The owner and the presenter of the video start off the video with the introduction of this unique project. He mentions that the owner of this two-year-old Tata Harrier decided that he wants to change things up with his SUV. So, for this task, he came to the experts at Brotomotiv.

Deciding the color

Discussing the details of the project, the owner of the shop mentioned that the owner of this Harrier wanted to get a new classy color for his car. He stated that he wanted a color that looks unique and bold but is also subtle enough. So, after discussions and going back and forth, he decided to go with a very dark shade of green. This particular green was taken from the British luxury car brand Bentley, and it is called Viridian Green. The presenter added that he also went with a gloss black roof, painted side trims, painted interior, and an alloy wheel upgrade.

Tata Harrier painted in Bentley’s Viridian Green looks stunning [Video]

 Repainting process

After this in the video, the Harrier is shown getting fully disassembled. For this paint job, the technicians of the shop removed almost all the panels from the vehicle and started working on the bodywork. The car was stripped of its original paint, and each and every small dent and ding were rectified using glazing putty and a dent puller. After this, the car was fully primed with a dark-colored primer.

Tata Harrier painted in Bentley’s Viridian Green looks stunning [Video]

Lastly, the car went into the paint booth where the first layer of Bentley’s Viridian Green color was sprayed. The entire car was painted, and the roof was then finished in high gloss black. Additionally, the matte black-colored body claddings were also finished in the same green color, and the brake calipers were finished in a shade of highlighter green. The shop also painted the grille and skid plate of this SUV in high gloss black to add to the dual-tone finish.

Tata Harrier painted in Bentley’s Viridian Green looks stunning [Video]

Lastly, the newly bought silver alloy wheels were painted in gloss black to tie together the entire look of the car. Following the paint job process, the car was then fully reassembled. The car was then resanded with a light grit sandpaper to remove orange peel, and then it was polished. Finally, the car, after the final wash, was given a ceramic coating to protect the newly given paint job.

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