Tata Harrier.EV Production Model Showcased At Bharat Mobility Expo 2024

Tata Motors is gearing up to revolutionize the electric SUV market in India with the impending launch of the production-ready Tata Harrier EV. Set to hit the roads in the latter part of 2024, this electrified all-wheel-drive SUV is positioned to be the flagship model in Tata’s SUV lineup, boasting an impressive claimed driving range of over 500 km on a single charge.

The Harrier EV, showcased alongside the production-spec Curvv at the 2024 Bharat Mobility Global Expo, is a testament to Tata Motors’ commitment to electric mobility. Priced at an estimated Rs. 30 lakhs, it is anticipated to offer top-notch features that elevate the driving experience.

Sitting on the Acti.ev architecture, which made its debut in the Punch EV and will also feature in the electric Curvv, the Harrier EV promises class-leading efficiency, ample space, and enhanced battery capacity. This architecture underscores Tata’s dedication to delivering advanced technologies and features while ensuring a superior driving experience.
The Harrier EV is not just about numbers; it embodies a sleek and modern design with a coupe-like silhouette.

Tata Harrier.EV Production Model Showcased At Bharat Mobility Expo 2024

Clean surfaces, sharp lines, and the distinctive “seaweed” body color contribute to its commanding road presence. The exterior design incorporates wide LED Daytime Running Lights seamlessly integrated with functional and emotive lighting elements. Aerodynamically efficient serrated turbine blade wheels further enhance the SUV’s visual appeal.

When it comes to features, Tata Motors has left no stone unturned. The Harrier EV is expected to boast a range of premium offerings, including vehicle-to-load and vehicle-to-vehicle capabilities. Inside the cabin, drivers can look forward to a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), automatic climate control, a layered dashboard, and a two-spoke steering wheel featuring an illuminated logo. The all-digital instrument cluster and touch-based controls for climatic operations add a futuristic touch to the SUV’s interior.

Tata Harrier.EV Production Model Showcased At Bharat Mobility Expo 2024

Tata’s Acti.ev platform, the backbone of the Harrier EV, is designed not only for efficiency but also for optimal use of space and battery capacity. The company aims to provide a driving experience that goes beyond conventional expectations, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and features.

As Tata Motors steers toward electrification, the Harrier EV represents a significant leap forward. With a competitive estimated price exceeding Rs. 30 lakhs, it caters to the growing market of eco-conscious consumers seeking a premium electric SUV.

In conclusion, the Tata Harrier EV’s production-ready unveiling marks a crucial step in Tata Motors’ electric vehicle journey. As it prepares to grace Indian roads later this year, the Harrier EV is poised to redefine the electric SUV landscape, offering a compelling blend of range, features, and design, reinforcing Tata’s commitment to sustainable and futuristic mobility solutions.

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