Taliban-made supercar Entop Simurgh showcased at the 2023 Geneva Motor Show [Video]

The Geneva International Auto Show is one of the biggest automotive events that takes place every year. Major automakers showcase their latest and greatest vehicles here. Mostly hosted in Geneva, Switzerland, this time it is being hosted in Doha, Qatar. Now what is even more special this time around is that it has been graced with the presence of the world’s first Afghan-made supercar. Recently, the Taliban-governed Afghanistan’s carmaker, Entop, presented its supercar Simurgh at the major auto show. The CEO, designer, and chief engineer of Entop, Mohammad Reza Ahmadi, unveiled the car at the show.

Entop Simurgh

For those who are not up to speed on what Entop is, here is a brief rundown. The company first came into the spotlight at the beginning of 2023 when it introduced the Mada9. This Batmobile-like, sinister-looking supercar became extremely popular after its pictures went viral on the internet. The Mada9 was showcased to the world as the first-ever Afghan-made supercar. Soon after this, the CEO of the company, Ahmadi, announced that the Mada9 would be ready in two weeks; however, at the time, that did not happen.

After this, the vehicle’s popularity died down a little as no specific details were shared. The only major technical specification found about the vehicle was that it was equipped with a 2004 Toyota Corolla sedan engine. The exact details of this were also guarded; however, it was speculated that it had received a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. Later, Entop reassured enthusiasts that the engine had undergone significant modifications.

Taliban-made supercar Entop Simurgh showcased at the 2023 Geneva Motor Show [Video]

Now, fast forward to almost 10 months later, Ahmadi has made a much-anticipated return to the automotive scene, this time in Qatar. The carmaker has shown the world an identical supercar to the Mada9; however, this time around it has been unveiled with a brand new name, Simurgh. The owner and CEO of Entop stated that he wanted to create a vehicle that can present the art and heroes of Afghanistan.

The Simurgh’s Grand Debut at the Geneva Auto Show

At the 2023 Geneva Auto Show’s Doha branch, specific details about Simurgh have not been revealed by Entop. Technical details, such as specifications, power output, or performance targets, have still not been disclosed. However, the owner of the company has shared an ambitious goal. According to the CEO, the Entop team aspires to take the Simurgh to the historic Le Mans race before releasing the previously named Mada9 to the public.

Taliban-made supercar Entop Simurgh showcased at the 2023 Geneva Motor Show [Video]

At the moment, the odds of Entop making it to Le Mans seem to be very slim. However, many reports have stated that the aim itself is remarkable. Apart from this aim, another major aim stated by the owner of the company, Ahmadi, is that Entop is looking to raise around $43.2 million to finish off the Simurgh to qualify for the Le Mans race. At the moment, the vehicle shown at the 2023 Geneva International Motor show has not been fully completed. The exterior panel gaps are uneven, the interior is unfinished, and even the powertrain has most likely not been finished up to supercar standards.

Taliban-made supercar Entop Simurgh showcased at the 2023 Geneva Motor Show [Video]

Additionally, it has also been reported that the company does not have any proper background, as it has paid for its space at the motor show after crowd-sourcing $130,000 in funds to participate. Now, whether the company will be able to secure such a huge amount for the further development of the Simurgh is unknown at the moment. If it does manage to get the funding, it will most likely take the company another two to three years before they can create a Le Mans-worthy racecar, let alone a fully-fledged supercar for the public.


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