Sue Ostler: Boost the art of buyer’s advocacy with AI

Today’s buyer’s agents need to channel their inner superheroes, blend advanced communication skills, and guide clients through the complexities of property decisions.

By embracing AI technology, agents can effectively frame and navigate delicate communications, strengthening client trust and ensuring a seamless home-buying experience.

And let’s get some perspective here – if the buyer isn’t buying, they’re only doing what any other buyer would do.

They’ve got analysis paralysis – and maybe they’re being a royal pain.

But, and it’s a big but, it’s not your job to sell to them.

Nor is it our job to go down the rabbit hole or challenge and debate what they love or don’t love about the property – that’s subjective, and frankly, it’s the client’s prerogative.

Buying a home is designed to baffle, bewilder, and bamboozle even the most seasoned home buyer.

As buyer’s agents, we help our clients keep a cool head and avoid falling for the wrong property.

We’ve all been there – when the client looks at us like we’ve lost our marbles when we present a case for a property they hate because “the stairs take up too much room”, the RSL-type carpet is off, and don’t get me started on the mushroom-beige living room wall!

Or they fall head-over-heels for the ‘worst property ever’, and it’s up to us to find ways to frame the conversation – and let them down gently.

It’s a delicate dance, but that’s where our superpowers come in.

Armed with empathy and a knack for enhanced communication, we don our superhero capes and navigate these emotional minefields.

We tap into our clients’ emotions, listen to their perspectives, and provide the facts and data to guide their decisions.

It’s a fine balance between empathising and doling out a healthy dose of common sense.

We stand ready and prepared to tackle indecision, do our due diligence, and prevent property heartbreak.

After all, we’re not just here to find a house but to help our clients discover a home that genuinely reflects their stories and aspirations.

In most cases, it is our communication that will make or break the suitability. 

And this is where AI can come in and enhance your roles as a superhero buyer’s agent.

As well as being able to help you deliver service and support, AI can act as a digital coach that you can tap into when a tricky topic or conversation arises.

It can help you frame sensitive conversations, like the one about why the property they love most might not be the best decision, with a higher level of emotional intelligence, or respond to a tricky email in just the right tone.

Nothing can replace the skills of a seasoned property manager, but AI such as ChatGPT, Claude and Pi can help supercharge your skills.

Give them a try and learn how to frame those sensitive conversations.

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