Stupid Ambulance Driver Causes Massive Crash: Both Hyundai Creta And Tata Sumo Roll Over [Video]

Emergency vehicles like ambulances are often driven at high speeds on our roads due to the nature of their duty. In most cases, other vehicles on the road often give way to the ambulance as they are often rushing to the hospital with patients in it. The ambulance drivers are extremely skilled and are trained to drive through tricky situations and under pressure. Just like in any case, there are exceptions here as well. Here we have a video where a careless ambulance driver loses control and crashes into a Hyundai Creta coming from the opposite lane.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The video that has surfaced online has been shared by the Hyundai Creta owner. The accident happened somewhere in West Bengal. The accident was captured in the dashcam installed in the Hyundai Creta. As seen here, the Hyundai Creta was passing through a 2-lane road and there is not much traffic on the road as well.

The Hyundai Creta driver is maintaining a normal speed, and the car passes a Maruti Swift in the opposite lane. A few seconds after this, we see a Tata Sumo moving away from the opposite lane and approaching towards the Hyundai Creta. The Hyundai Creta driver applied brakes and tried to slow down; however, it was of no use. The Tata Sumo driver had lost control of the vehicle, and the ambulance crashed into the right side of the Creta.

The Tata Sumo was being driven at a high speed, and it didn’t even look like the driver was trying to swerve the car away. After the Sumo crashed into the Creta, the SUV driver lost control. The Creta spun on the road once and then fell down the road and rolled over. The Tata Sumo, on the other hand, also had a similar fate. The MUV lost control and rolled away from the road. In this case, it was clearly the ambulance that was at fault. The Hyundai Creta driver was maintaining a sane speed and was also on his lane.

Sumo Ambulance crashed into Creta

It was the Tata Sumo ambulance driver that crossed to the other side of the lane and crashed into the Creta. The owner also mentions that the ambulance driver was not carrying any patient and was also not on duty as the beacon and sirens were not in use. The owner also claims that the driver of the ambulance was spitting tobacco while driving the car and he didn’t notice the car leaving its lane. It is just a claim, and there is no proof available that proves the same. Both Creta driver and the ambulance driver escaped the accident without any injuries. The Sumo’s front wheels and left side were damaged. While the Creta’s roof, right side were all damaged in the crash.

Whatever may the reason be, it was definitely the ambulance driver’s fault. If he was maintaining a regular speed, he could have easily avoided the crash by applying brakes. That was not possible in this case. This video is a good example that shows how one must always be alert while driving on the road. It shows how one could get involved in an accident for no fault of theirs. The ambulance driver is supposed to be a person who saves lives. In this case, however, he was the person who put his life and the life of other road users at risk by his reckless driving.

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