Stuck In Bengaluru Traffic, Bride Takes Metro To Reach Wedding Venue On Time [Video]

Over the last few months, we have seen numerous videos of people doing unique things while being stuck in Bengaluru traffic. However, so far, we have not seen anything like this! Recently, a video has been shared online in which a bride who was getting late for her own wedding had to ditch her car and take a metro to reach the wedding ceremony on time. Yes, you heard that right. The bride and her family, after getting stuck in traffic, abandoned their car and used the metro to be on time for this auspicious occasion.

The video of this unique incident has been shared on X by Forever Bengaluru on their page. In the video, a woman in complete bridal attire was seen in a metro station. She was accompanied by her family members and a few friends. The bride was seen smiling and enjoying this stressful yet funny situation. She was then sitting inside the metro with her friend and posing for a selfie. The video then shows her finally reaching the wedding venue and sitting for the rituals of her own wedding.

Netizens’ reaction to this unique situation

This viral video on X has been receiving numerous reactions from people living in Bengaluru and other parts of the country. The common sentiment is that this is an extremely unique situation, and people have been using #PeakBengaluru in the comments to signify it as a peak Bengaluru moment. A lot of people have applauded the bride for not waiting for the traffic to clear and instead reaching the venue on time by taking the metro.

Additionally, a number of netizens also had harsh words for the Bengaluru traffic management. One of the users of the platform said, “May God bless the couple for a happy married life. I hope the authorities make a note of it. Ideally, a bride and a groom are not supposed to roam around openly like this. For how long will this city suffer with its traffic woes?”. Meanwhile, another person wrote, “Sorry, but this just means that the existing infrastructure of Bengaluru can’t support the traffic and it has collapsed. This is a peak Bengaluru failure.”

Other funny Bengaluru traffic incidents

Back in September of last year, another very funny situation was shared online, which happened because of Bengaluru’s never-ending traffic. There was a picture shared online, which went viral as a woman was seen peeling vegetables in her car during a traffic jam. The picture of her peeling vegetables while sitting inside a car in Bangalore traffic has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Priya on her page.

In the picture shared with the caption, “Being productive during peak traffic hours,” it can be seen that the woman is peeling peas in her car, most likely a Maruti Suzuki Brezza. The woman in the picture is sitting on the passenger side with three polythene bags to segregate the plucked-out peas and the garbage. Apart from this, there are numerous more videos on the internet that show people doing creative things while being stuck in peak traffic.

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