Speeding Porsche 911 crashes into cattle on the road: Here’s the result [video]

Roads and highways are being built in India at a great pace. Most metro cities are now well-connected with highways and expressways. The speed limit on some of these roads is also high. However, despite all these developments, driving on Indian roads is still very risky, and there are plenty of examples available online that prove the same. People often face issues like jaywalkers, vehicles coming from the wrong side, cattle, and stray dogs while driving on highways. These issues often create inconvenience and even become the reason for accidents in many cases. Here, we have one such example from Tamil Nadu, where a Porsche sports car crashed into a cow that suddenly came in front of the car.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The video was shared with him from Chennai by one of his subscribers. The incident took place on Chennai’s ECR road near Mahabalipuram. This is a very clean, smooth, and straight stretch of road suitable for sports car like this. According to the video, the Porsche 911 was passing through the road when a cow suddenly appeared in front of the car. The car driver was surprised to see an animal on the road and panicked. He did make an attempt to avoid the crash, but it was too late.

The car crashed into the cattle and continued to move forward for another 500 meters before coming to a stop. It is said that the car was being driven at a high speed, which made it quite difficult for the driver to stop the car. It looks like the car did crash into the railing on the road before coming to a complete stop. This video is a clear example that shows how alert one has to be while driving on Indian roads. The car is severely damaged in the accident. The front bumper and the right-side front wheel of the car are missing after the crash. The side panels and the door are also damaged. One of the headlamps on this car also appears to be damaged.

Porsche 911 crashed into a cow

All the airbags deployed on time, which saved the occupants in the car. Unfortunately, the cow that was hit by the sports car did not survive the crash. In this video, we can also see the same Porsche 911, a Lamborghini Urus, and a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ passing through the ECR. We are not sure if this clip is from the same day or if it’s an old one. The cars are seen going at a good speed. Repairing the Porsche and bringing it back to its original state is going to be an expensive affair.

In this case, the person driving the Porsche was partially at fault. He should have been a lot more careful while on this stretch. We say that the driver is only partially responsible because the road is not a place where cattle should be found. This is not the first time a loose cattle on the road has caused an accident. In many North Indian states, people even tie cattle on the divider so that they can feed on the grass and shrubs. It’s high time that authorities should start taking action against people who let their cattle loose to roam on the highways and create inconvenience for the users.

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