Speeding BMW 5-Series luxury sedan topples a tractor in a massive crash: Passengers survive [Video]

Imported luxury cars from brands like Audi, Mercedes, and BMW are believed to be some of the safest cars. However, no matter how safe a car is rated, accidents can and will happen, and the results could still be terrifying. Recently, a video was shared online that showed two different BMW sedans crashed in an extremely horrifying state. In the first accident, a BMW crashed into a tractor, while in the second accident, it crashed into a school bus.

The video of these BMW crashes has been shared on YouTube by Prateek Singh on their channel. The creator of the video first shares the pictures of the aftermath of a BMW crashing with a tractor in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. He mentions that this incident has been reported from Kamala Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad. He added that in this particular incident, it was noted that a BMW 5 Series luxury sedan crashed into a moving tractor on the road.

Following the crash, due to the intensity, the tractor got flipped upside down. The video mentions that, according to reports, the BMW 5 Series was excessively speeding, and then it crashed into the tractor. Thankfully, the passengers of the BMW were safe, and also, the tractor driver escaped without any severe injuries. However, from the impact of this accident, the BMW 5 Series got extremely damaged. The entire front end, including the headlights, bonnet, bumper, engine, grille, radiator, A-pillar, and roof, all got crushed.

Another BMW 5 Series accident

In the same video, the presenter also showed a ton of different pictures from a different BMW crash. The other accident also involved a white BMW 5 Series. However, this particular one crashed severely with a school bus on a highway. As per the video, the pictures of this horrific crash were shared from Chennai. The accident took place at Kattankolathur, Chennai Trichy national highway near Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Speeding BMW 5-Series luxury sedan topples a tractor in a massive crash: Passengers survive [Video]

From the pictures and the information provided in the video, it was reported that this incident was caused due to hydroplaning. It was stated that this particular white BMW 5 Series was driving at high speed on the wet highway. Following this, the driver somehow lost control, and it is believed that he turned around on the road by himself. Soon after this, his left middle section of the car got crashed into the right rear corner of a school bus.

The result of this particular crash was that the BMW got extremely damaged. The entire middle left side of the vehicle got smashed. The rear end as well got completely mangled, and all the pillars, including A, B, and C, could be seen getting piled up into a hunk of metal. The bus also suffered a lot of damage on its rear end due to this collision.


Speeding BMW 5-Series luxury sedan topples a tractor in a massive crash: Passengers survive [Video]

As mentioned in the video, the primary reason for this crash has been reported to be hydroplaning. For those unaware, hydroplaning occurs when a vehicle’s tires lose contact with the road surface due to a build-up of water, resulting in a loss of traction and control. When a vehicle travels too quickly on a wet surface, water can’t be dispersed quickly enough from underneath the tires. This leads to a thin layer of water between the tire and the road.

Speeding BMW 5-Series luxury sedan topples a tractor in a massive crash: Passengers survive [Video]

Following this, the tires skid or glide on the road, reducing steering responsiveness and braking effectiveness. And if it is not controlled in time, it can cause some extremely severe accidents, just like the one mentioned above. Factors like tire tread depth, speed, water depth, and road conditions contribute to hydroplaning. So if you want to prevent it, you should reduce speed, maintain proper tire pressure, and drive cautiously in wet conditions, minimizing the risk of hydroplaning.

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