Sonam Kapoor’s Luxurious Car Garage: From Porsche Taycan To Land Rover Defender [Video]

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor got married to businessman Anand Ahuja. While Sonam has always liked driving around in luxurious vehicles, after getting married, her garage has upgraded to the next level. Here is a current list of cars that Sonam Kapoor Ahuja owns and drives around in.

Land Rover Defender 5-door

Guess what color Priya’s new Defender is? It’s Santorini Black Metallic – one of the top picks for this cool SUV. And, oh boy, did she nail the interior game! A classy dark tan shade that perfectly complements the black exterior. Under the hood, this beauty runs on a 2.0-liter turbo petrol 4-cylinder engine, packing a punch with 300 bhp and 400 Nm of peak torque. Sonam Kapoor uses the SUV to arrive at the airports. On certain occassions, you can also see the same SUV becoming a security convoy vehicle when she travels in another car.

Porsche Taycan S

Sonam recently bought this Porsche Taycan S as her first and only electric vehicle. Launched globally in 2019, it made its way into the hearts of car enthusiasts worldwide. The Indian roads welcomed the Taycan in 2022, offering a lineup of four variants – Taycan RWD, Taycan 4S, Taycan Turbo, and the crème de la crème, Taycan Turbo S.

The Turbo S, chosen by Sonam, might sound like it has a turbocharged petrol engine, but surprise! It’s all-electric. With an all-wheel-drive setup with electric motors on both front and rear axles, it packs a lot of power. The combined power of these motors reaches an impressive 761 PS, with a torque of 1050 Nm. These numbers make it one of the mightiest electric supercars out there. The car can do about 500 km on a full charge. The Defender was spotted following the Porsche.

Mercedes-Maybach S580

Many buyers in India are drawn to Maybachs, and Sonam Kapoor’s luxurious sedan is no exception. Her S580 boasts a sleek dark blue finish. Powering this beauty is a 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 mild-hybrid petrol engine, delivering an impressive 496 bhp and 700 Nm of torque. With all-wheel drive, this sedan comes with a price tag of Rs 2.69 crore, ex-showroom. Notably, Anil Kapoor also recently acquired the same model, opting for an elegant Emerland Green shade.

Land Rover Range Rover

Sonam Kapoor’s Luxurious Car Garage: From Porsche Taycan To Land Rover Defender [Video]
Sonam Kapoor in front of Range Rover

Sonam Kapoor recently added a brand new Land Rover Range Rover SUV to her collection. She was spotted at the airport with her luxurious new ride. The flagship Range Rover SUV comes with a price tag ranging from Rs 2.39 crore to Rs 4.17 crore, ex-showroom. The actress opted for the Autobiography variant, available with both petrol and diesel engine options, priced at Rs 2.96 crore, ex-showroom. Similar to other Range Rover SUVs, this model features a high-end 35-speaker Meridian sound system with active noise cancellation, filtering out various noises for a serene experience. It also includes a 13.1-inch floating infotainment screen, a digital instrument cluster, Head-Up Display, multi-zone climate control, a four-spoke steering wheel, and a rear seat entertainment screen.

Mercedes-Benz S400

Sonam Kapoor’s Luxurious Car Garage: From Porsche Taycan To Land Rover Defender [Video]

Sonam Kapoor received a special gift from her dad, Anil Kapoor – a fancy car! It’s the S400, a posh sedan from Mercedes-Benz, and you’ll catch Sonam cruising in it quite a bit. This car falls in the middle of the Mercedes-Benz lineup, sitting between the S350 and S500.

Under the hood, it’s got a 3.0-liter V6 engine, packing a punch with 333 Bhp of power and a peak torque of 480 Nm. The power flows to the rear wheels through a smooth 7-speed G-Tronic automatic transmission.

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