Sollum Technologies Announces New Research Partnership Program to Advance Horticultural Lighting Science

Sollum Technologies at Allegro Acres

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Sollum Technologies, a developer of fully dynamic LED grow lights, has launched a groundbreaking new research program. With an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in controlled environment agriculture, Sollum is poised to partner with research centers and universities across the U.S.

The program, named S.E.A.R.C.H (Sollum Empowering Academic Researchers in CEA and Horticulture), is designed to enable researchers and institutions to bring about breakthroughs in the knowledge and practice of horticultural lighting while using Sollum’s cutting-edge LED grow light solution. Sollum, in keeping with the unmatched capabilities of its technology in greenhouse lighting, aims to revolutionize the way plants are grown indoors by using its fully adaptable lighting solution to optimize growth, increase product quality and shelf life, contribute to pest management, promote resource efficiency, and an important factor in greenhouse operations, control costs, especially energy costs.

“We are excited to introduce this program as a testament to Sollum’s ongoing support to scientific progress and sustainable agriculture,” says Michael Hanan, Senior Sales Director, U.S. Market at Sollum. “By making our state-of-the-art LED lighting solution available to researchers, we aim to enable them to work at the frontier of horticulture lighting science and accelerate the discovery of new insights into topics such as yield optimization, morphology management, pest and disease control, and maximizing crop and nutritional quality in the most energy-efficient way.”

The program’s objective aligns with Sollum’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. By granting researchers access to a unique lighting solution, Sollum envisions a future where advancements in horticulture lighting contribute not only to increased crop yields but also the production of more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices.

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As the research program takes root, Sollum anticipates groundbreaking outcomes that will shape the trajectory of horticulture lighting. By nurturing these collaborative relationships, Sollum is positioned to continue driving meaningful change within the horticultural industry, benefiting greenhouse growers thanks to the expertise of top-tier researchers.

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