SNL's Chloe Fineman on Eating on the West Coast Versus the East Coast

Chloe Fineman is SNL’s queen of impressions. From Britney Spears to Jennifer Coolidge to the hyper-specific Julia-Stiles-from-Save-the-Last-Dance impression, the 35-year-old actor and comedian has stolen the scene in many a skit (including a recent bit in which she, fellow SNL cast member Heidi Gardener, and host Dakota Johnson dunk on the absurdity of the Stanley cup craze—a bandwagon she may or may not have jumped on of late). Her knack for embodying other characters is fully on display in her new partnership with hard seltzer brand Nütrl. This marks the second time that Fineman has done a campaign with the brand, reprising her character of Günter, a “vodka seltzer sommelier.”

In the seemingly never-ending war of hard seltzer brands, Nütrl sets itself apart by being one of the few that’s spirits-based (it’s made with vodka) and utilizing real fruit juice. “It’s an easy drink for a light and refreshing addition to your lifestyle,” Fineman tells us. In her latest ad spot, Fineman, er, Günter makes light of the all-too-familiar scenario of not knowing what to do with your hands during a photo. The answer for the purposes of the promo? Hold a can of Nütrl, naturally.

We caught up with Fineman, who had been in California during SNL’s yearly winter break, to talk about her bicoastal tendencies, love of the latest season of True Detective, and a potential SNL skit that pokes fun at Pilates.

GQ: So how’s your little hiatus from SNL been so far?

Chloe Fineman: Very nice; California nice.

I saw your True Detective press release package unboxing the other day. I have not watched the show, but I got it spoiled from reading our website. Any thoughts on the finale?

I loved it. I guess it did what a finale should do, where it makes you want to rewatch the pilot episode. So that’s what I did last night. I don’t know what the chokehold this show has on me!

So this is your second time collabing with Nütrl. What draws you back to them?

When I drink, I naturally gravitate towards vodka seltzers and light and refreshing things. So, I really liked Nütrl, and I love the pineapple flavor. They’ve just been so amazing in terms of collaborating and coming up with the character and the arc. The new campaign is about being awkward—I’m awkward as hell. So it’s just kind of a match made in heaven.

Have you always been a hard seltzer gal?

I’d say I’ve been a hard seltz gal.

Do you drink from the can or do you pour it into a glass?

I drink from the can usually, or I’ll put it in the glass and sort of do a match kind of thing.

How do your drinking habits change between your regular life and when you have to work?

You know, I think it’s different for everybody. We have the [SNL] after-party, so we’re up till four or five in the morning, and then you come home. Sunday is the day you really have to think of ideas for the next week. So I personally need to drink responsibly and keep it vodka seltz or Diet Coke. I’m in my 30s and am more responsible at work. And then when the show is over, or we have a winter break, I’ll be a little more loose.

Do you have a Stanley cup?

I don’t, but I’m praying. I’m waiting for the text at work to go: “Guys, Stanley sent so many Stanleys in,” because sometimes when we write about certain things, we will get a big shipment. I will say that certainly was a motive for us writing the SNL skit “Big Dumb Cup” two weeks ago.

Do you work out?

I do work out. I will say I work out much more when I’m in LA. And then, when I’m in New York, you end up just walking. I noticed this week when I was in LA, and I was so sedentary that I was like, “Oh, people care so much more about their bodies here because they’re not just like moving.” Chloe’s hot take. But in New York, I do like Pilates a lot. I like a Reformer class; I’m addicted to it. In New York, I also like Tracy Anderson. I like to think of Gwyneth Paltrow.

Tell me more about Tracy Anderson.

I love it. When it’s cold in New York, and you get to go into a hot sweat room and just like die, it’s great. I need a teacher. I need music. I really like to dance. I mean, just the culture is hilarious. Like, I definitely need to do a Tracy Anderson skit at some point on the show because it’s very funny.

I’m happy to workshop this skit with you right now.

Weird Pilates cults, where the same people have their certain spot in class or if you take their mat—it’s the fact that these are our problems that is so funny to me.

What’s your go-to restaurant in New York?

Gosh, I mean, I do like Via Carota. A lot. Oh, Sant Ambroeus is my favorite for breakfast. That’s the best breakfast in New York by far.

Funny, I was trying to go there on Sunday, and it was booked solid.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard. I’m now on hugging terms with the guy who works there, so lately, I’ve had luck, and maybe that’s why I love it so much. I guess I do prefer restaurants that are easier to get into. I really likeCafe Cluny and go there all the time for the burger. Clearly, I just don’t like to leave where I live. I live in the West Village, so it’s very nice walking across a block for food.

I guess the hard restaurants to get into I like [are places like] Cafe Gitane. I’ve always liked [them] even though now it takes like 10 hours to get food. It’s kind of always been like that, but I used to live above it like 10 years ago, so I have good memories there.

You really love your Italian spots.

I’m like, if you’re in New York, just eat Italian. You kind of have to. New York is walk, walk, walk—pizza, pizza, pizza. LA is health, health, like trying exercise (but you’re sitting), Haley Bieber smoothies, which I had three of this past week, which is so embarrassing. Very good. I’m like, this is ice cream. I can’t. How was this health? It was too delicious.

I really love how there are two sides to you: west coast and east coast Chloe.

And they’re extremely different. I think it’s healthy because you learn that both work, you know? Like I’m from California. I was in LA before I got SNL, and it was like I do Pilates every day; I don’t eat gluten. I like all that Erewhon stuff. And then, as soon as I got to New York, it was like Coke and pizza—and both are healthy to me in their own way.

What’s your goal for this year?

Drink water. That’s That’s my big to-do this year. Hydrate—it’s hard to do, hard to do.

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