Sleeper Sofa Review: OMHU Teddy

Regular dimensions: 79″W x 39.5″D x 27.6″H

Pull-out dimensions: 79″W x 79″D x27.6″H

Even when it’s not expanded, this could be considered a big couch for a small space—it didn’t take over our second bedroom, but it definitely demanded a footprint. If you’re working with a tiny room, keep in mind that this will take over the space even more when it’s pulled out. But it’s easy enough to convert back to a sofa when not in use, so we didn’t have a huge issue with that. Personally, I think this is a rare design in that it’s a sleeper bed that actually looks really chic and is worth a bit of work.

Sit Test: Is it comfortable? Does it feel well made? Does the couch have a tendency to sag?

This couch is beyond comfortable. The soft corduroy fabric is like a hug and there’s a tiny bit of give in the cold foam mattresses. I didn’t notice any kind of sagging in the mattress in the month that we put it to the test. I did notice some sagging or slight deformed of the arm cushions if you used them as a pillow for an entire night. But it wasn’t anything a quick fluff wouldn’t fix!

Is it kid and/or dog friendly?

I would consider this a kid friendly couch, as most of its surface is soft. The chrome supports are hard (as expected), but it makes up such a small part of the couch. One thing to note is that the supports can slide around if someone is jumping around on the couch.

When it comes to pets, you’re going to notice some dog hair build-up on this couch. The corduroy is a bit unforgiving, but we gave it a quick vacuum and everything looked brand new.

Do the photos do this product justice? Was there anything you were surprised to see IRL?

The photos definitely do it justice—if anything, the color is even more exciting in person (speaking for the dark green, specifically). I was surprised not to see any assembly instructions, but we figured it out. I do wish that the metal supports were a bit more firm when assembled. It would be nice to move the entire unit around without having to worry about sliding the chrome bars under the cushions constantly, but again, this is a small detail.

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