Skoda’s Customer Service Head To Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal: Replace Electric Scooter, Give Compensation

We’ve seen people praise and complain about Ola electric scooters online. Lately, however, we’ve been hearing mostly about the negatives. There are several cases where people have encountered issues with the scooter and it has also caught fire. The latest one, however, is not about fire but a complaint from Skoda’s Customer Service Head who is asking Ola electric CEO to replace the defective electric scooter and compensate the customer.

The customer in this case is the brother of Skoda’s Customer Service Head. Mohammed Majed Ali had posted his comment under Bhavish Aggarwal’s post on Krutrim AI chatbot in LinkedIn.

In this post, Mohammed starts by mentioning that his brother had bought a brand new Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 scooter on 18th February 2024. On the day of delivery, the display on the scooter went off and was not coming up even after several trials. The service team quickly worked on the screen and replaced it with a new unit.

The scooter and display were both working; however, not for long. The next day, the same issue came up once again. This time, the ECU and the display of the scooter were replaced. If you thought this was the last time the scooter faced any issues, you would be wrong. The issue occurred again, and the scooter has now been lying at the service center. The service team has not got in touch with the customer and has not even offered any update on the scooter.

Comment under Bhavish’s post

The customer has completely given up on the product as he has been facing issues since day 2. The customer has now requested Ola to replace the defective scooter and offer a new one.

Also, the customer wants Ola to give some compensation for the mental agony that the customer has gone through. The comment mentions that Ola should respond in this matter and restore people’s faith in this product.

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It should be noted that the comment was written right under a post by the CEO of Ola Electric Bhavish Aggarwal and we are yet to see any response from him in this matter. Other people who have bought Ola scooters have also commented under the post. One of them wrote, “I am waiting from Feb 17.

The only difference is my scooter has run 5k kms and is ~5 months old. At least in your case, they tried to fix something and that didn’t help. In my case, nothing has happened. I am still waiting for an update. Bhavish Aggarwal What is your commitment to post-sales support?”

bhavish aggarwal ola ceo skoda customer service head

This is not the first time we’ve heard people having a bad experience with the workshop or experience centers set up by Ola. There are several customers who have dropped their scooters at the workshop and are waiting for the response from the representatives.

Ola scooters catching fire has also become very common news lately. In the last couple of months, we’ve come across at least 3 such incidents where Ola scooters have caught fire while charging at home or while riding. We really hope Ola looks into this matter and resolves this issue as soon as possible.

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